F3 Short Track Series – Presented by Busch Racing

F3 Short Track Series – Presented by Busch Racing

The Thang:

Moderate pace Mosey to Davie Park
Halfway point – 50 Merkins
Partner up into 3 or 4 man groups
Entrance – 20 dry docks and squats until everyone gets there
Enter F3’s Short Track sponsored by Busch Racing

Group 1 races around the parking lot  oval
When finished go straight to 20 pull-ups
4th/Last place person in the race does 20 burpees, 3rd does 15 burpees, 2nd does 10, winner does Merkins until all burpees are done
Then line up in the Grandstand to watch/cheer/heckle the racers on the track while doing either Dry Docks or Merkins
Then line back up for your next race and repeat the above fun X 5

Fast Mosey back to South Charlotte
Every 40 yards stop to do 20 Diamond Merkins, next 40 yards stop for 20 Merkins and repeat all the way back
All you got sprint to the end of parking lot – 20 Merkins
Squats until everyone catches up
All you got sprint to the end of the parking lot – 20 Diamonds and hold 6 inches
All you got sprint to the end of the parking lot – 20 Merkins
20 squats
On your 6 for the extended protractor straight into flutters straight back into extended protractor


9 Kettle Bell Fever participants for a Bulldog led workout passing the 50lb bell clockwise after each new exercise.  A flyer of Radar and Purple Haze came through halfway to check TR’s form on his Shwings…they approved and made their way back to Anvil for their morning pain dose from Mermaid.

The rain and cool temps kept some men in their cozy fartsacks today,  so DV was a bit lighter in numbers than usual…but the men who showed up were mighty warriors and made up for it!  When YHC made the call for 50 Merkins, there was much questioning of the Q’s choice in number…many asked if it I was sure that I didn’t mean 15…no sir, fity it is! 

The partnering up was interesting as TR wanted his fast bunch to be together thinking they were taking on other teams…but when it was revealed that they would race each other and what the punishment for losing would be, he wanted to choose differently since he would be facing Fletch and Header!  The men truly did go all out and the races were quite fun to watch…especially the TR, Header, Fletch group that was always super competitive and TR surprised many showing that he was not all beefcake and that Fast Twitch had indeed given him some new smoke boots!  YHC was trying to keep up with the likes of Bulldog, Spackler, and Salt Lick and they definitely threw the gauntlet down at “Go”.  Donkey Kong decided to not even do a single sprint, relegating himself to last and just started doing burpees when his team started their racing…only DK!  Everyone gave their all, the speed and strength amongst the PAX has definitely increased over the past many months and I am thankful for all the hard work and encouragement everyone gives out there!  There was much O2 deprivation giving YHC some joy that everyone was getting their monies worth!

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Stage Coach
10 years ago

Nice work Busch. I’m still impressed that no one wiped out in the muddy turn 4.

10 years ago

Don’t let Tiger Rag fool you. He’s always got at least one boost of speed in the tank. When called upon, he can run faster than a stray dog in Sochi.

10 years ago

I thought he said get with people as fast as you think you are. Still, I’d have it no other way–can’t get faster chasing slow people. Considering I outweigh each of them by 70 lbs, a respectable second or third isn’t too shabby. #MoralVictory

The strategy on this irregularly-shaped, mud-caked ovaloid wasn’t as much to run fast as it was to get in the others’ way. This–this, I can do. Boxing out on turn one set up the rest of the race. No delusions of grandeur, however: put them on a straightaway and (as Uncle Leo said describing his heat) “I am Third.”

There’s nothing more comical that two slow 43 year old Caucasians talking about sprinting technique but that’s where Stone Cold and I ended up this morning. SC: this one’s for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BmtGNjm7BE (WARNING: A little language).

Great job, Busch. Love this kind of workout.

Stone Cold
Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

Got it… Dig, Drive, Accelerate. Even with much practice, I still think Pseu Pseudio would beat me (years of soccer sprints in that Gent) All good fun and challenging, nice Q Busch indeed.

10 years ago

If ya ain’t cheating, ya ain’t trying. “Go”!

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