Bagpipe Barrage in the Garage

Bagpipe Barrage in the Garage

Quite a large group joined the festivities this morning for a return to the Ballantyne Village parking garage where indeed we enjoyed a barrage of rapid fire sprints and exercises. The sprints were to each level of the parking garage followed by variations of 3 different exercises – variations of Merkins, Legs, and Abs. Sprints of 5 levels up and 5 levels down for a total of 30 sets. We finished with  a Merkin / Ab ladder and 15 Burpees and ran back to the Vine.

Warmup: Mosey from Vine to BB&T parking lot. SSH X 50, Slow Squat X 20, Imperial Walker X 20, Merkins X 15 in Cadence (30 total). Mosey to the Garage at Ballantyne Village.

10 sets of 3 exercises with reps of 15 solo for Merkins and Legs or 15 in cadence for abs (30 total).

Legs: Jump Squats, Reverse Lunge, Forward Lunge, Deep slow squats, Side Lunges, 5 variations of People’s Chair with 1 to 1.5 minute holds. Variations included adding shoulder press X 30, 1-leg holds for 10 sec, 1 leg switch for 20 count, and deep holds for 1 min.

Merkins: Regular, Diamonds, Carolina Dry Dock, Wide, Narrow, Peter Parker Merkins, Merkins with Plank and 1 arm raises, and some repeats.

Abs: LBCs, Dolly, Flutter, Heels to Heaven w/Dolly, Rosalita, Plank holds for 1 minute, Mason Twist, Bycycle, and some repeats.

Finished with a Merkin and Abs ladder with Merkins x2x3x4x5x6 and Abs in cadence x4x8x12x15x15 and 15 Burpees which was preferred as opposed to continuing the ladder,,,I have no idea why but that was the vote of the PAQ.

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10 years ago

Old Man Frehley taken over the place? 50 Qs in 50 days? #Respect

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Strong work FC, I have a few more years before I get to 50, but 3 Q’s in almost 3 days, I am not sure I would do that now..happy birthday! Where did you say is you Q tomorrow…

Mic Check
10 years ago

Frehley is just the man. Really impressive Qing 3 straight workouts. Somebody wanted to start the 50s off with a bang.

Big crowd today and there was even a Chipotle sighting.

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