Burpees as Recovery

Burpees as Recovery

11 men descended upon OP for a heavy running workout. We covered 2.5 miles during the 45 minute workout. Here’s how:


Little baby jog to front of school, u-turn to pick up later arrival, then on to the front field

SSH x 25

IW x 20

Mountain Climber x 20

Slow Squats x 20

The Thang:

Mosey to concession area

Partner up

Partner 1 does derkins while Partner 2 runs around first baseball field, flapjack

Repeat with three other fields: Dips, Jump Ups, CDDs

Mosey to field map at front of park for a baseball ladder

Run to the pitcher’s mound on field 1. Do 1 Burpee. Back to map for 1 Sister Mary Catherine.

Repeat up to field 6, number of reps = field number (Audible from going all the way to field 8 so we had time for Mary)

Mosey to front field for Mary

Flutter x 20. Line up, sprint to end of field. Line up, return.

Repeat with Dolly, LBC, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Protractor


The plan was to start with running and keep it going throughout the workout. Easier to stay warm that way. YHC smiled a little when I heard someone say that the burpees during the baseball ladder were their recovery time. Mission accomplished.

Great work by everyone. That much continuous running isn’t easy if you’re not used to it. Spammer got after it in only his second workout. BOG was killing it on the sprints at the end – he said he imagined he was chasing Fletch.

Extra credit to Stage Coach, Bugeater, Puddin Pop, Gummy and Cheese Curd. 5 of 11 with extra credit running to and from the workout. Total mileage for those who ran to and from Harris Teeter was 4 miles.


Blue Ridge Relay – let Baracus know if you’re interested. Teams are forming, so hurry.

F3 has a team for the March 8th Corporate Cup. Sign up on the race website – choose F3 as the team.

[Posted by Bugeater on behalf of Gummy –  congrats on site Q at Hydra!]

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High Tide
10 years ago

Great Q, Gummy. You’ll be surprised, I posted because I knew you’d keep us running. I’m trying to work on my running.

I agree, Blades was flying during the sprints. I swear he was taking two steps for every one of mine!

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