Cold with a 100% chance of phosphocreatine depletion

Cold with a 100% chance of phosphocreatine depletion

Four hearty souls and YHC shook off the warmth and comfort of the fartsack and said yes to pain, as pain brings growth.


Mosey to lower parking lot

SSH x 21

IW x 21

MTN Climbers x 21

Pendulum Plank x 21

Wind Mills x 21

Arm/shoulder rotations  x 21 (ea direction)

Low slow Squats  x 21

Good Mornings x 21

Squat Jacks  x 21

Stagger Merkins x 30; 15 ea arm

Two handed swings x 21

Partner up, like size KB

P1 Merkins x 9/ P2 Farmer Carry With Bells; CMIYC – flapjack until reaching neighborhood hill

24’s on the HILL

Burpees at the top of the hill x 3. Carry KB to bottom of the hill.

Renagade rows w/ KB at the bottom of the hill x 21. Leave KB, run back to top

Burpees x 6

Renagade rows x 18

Burpees x 9

Renagade rows x 15

Burpees x 12

Renagade rows x 12

Burpees x 15

Renagade rows x 9

Burpees x 18

Renagade rows x 6

Burpees x 21

Renagade rows x 3. Return w/ KB

P1 Merkins x 9/ P2 Farmer Carry With Bells; CMIYC – flapjack until reaching school parking lot

Partner back up for 66’s and sprint work. Partner 1 performs specified exercise while partner 2 sprints out and back (40 meters). Flapjack until team completes a total of 66 reps:

Triceps extension w/ KB


Two-handed swings

Goblet squats

Figure 8 with curls at top

Times up. Pencils down.



With frosty flesh and strong spirits the PAX embarked on a metabolism revving, energy draining set of exercises. YHC sought to bring an aspect of the 3rd F to this morning’s 1st F: three parts make the ONE.

We began with an invigorating COP to raise our core temperature. After a few layers were shed and left behind we set out for the neighborhood hill. 24’s on the hill sounded great as YHC concocted this morning’s bout. However, YHC was on the verge of projectile vomiting after completing 2/3 of the task. With the phase “Don’t Q what you can’t do!” ringing in my head there was no choice but to complete the task with all the strength and honor exhibited by the PAX. While on our famer-carry CMIYC back to the school a local resident muttered: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen!” He knew CSAUP when he saw it. With little time and many plays remaining on the Weinke it was time to get back to work. With minimal mumble-chatter the PAX embraced the partner work and completed each task with all due haste.

It was an honor to lead the PAX this AM on my maiden Q. Thank you for enduring my over-reliance upon my Weinke.

-There has never yet been a [person] in our history who led a life of ease whose name is worth remembering.  Theodore Roosevelt

[posted by Bugeater on behalf of Lab Rat – Congratulations Lab Rat on leading the F3 pax today!]

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Big League Chew
10 years ago

Great job on your maiden Q. Unfortunately when Gullah and Hoff get wind of this routine they will have you back especially we didn’t get through half you weinkie. The M was not to happy with the results of me posting this am as I am of no use with the honeydolist today. Fantastic job Lab Rat!

10 years ago

Sorry to miss Lab Rat, but this sounds great! I know LBC will give me a hard time since I said I was coming on Tuesday, but didn’t make it. We moved to Matthews today so I had a nice day of odd implement training. Hope to see you next week. Great job!

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