The No-Mascot Special

The No-Mascot Special

A RARE day Brothers. A rare day that #YHC pushes the #EmotionalMiniVan south of Fairview into the @Area51. Not because I don’t love it there, but because I get lost easily. #JustAdmitting.

THE FAITHFUL had some good, crispy icy gloom to gather in this AM, and gather we did, to do the #Thang:

1. #Warmarama (always, a must)

2. RuckRun in stages to #DMZ. Along the way we did some #CTC with #Randorama and sets of 10 #BOYO. We did #WhisperCount through the Alleyway of Peeps.

3. Once at the #DMZ we did a 2 X Merkin/#BOYO sandwich.

4. Moved into the park and did 5 X RangerRun/#BOYO series.

5. Practiced a little column/rank formation.

6. #RangerHump (5 mph) back to the start.

7. #SixMinutesOfMary.


1. For those who are not #RuckTards, #YHC recommends a @Spearhead post once per month . . . it clears the passages Brothers. Just so.

2. #Kotters to @Culkin who stretched his #FMLA to the legal limit. At least @BTB is acknowledging him again. Said how that went. Sad Brothers.

3. @Angler, who #VictorCharles referred to (out of respect Brothers) as “Le Fusil” gave the #PAX some #HipPocketTraining on compass-free navigation. One man (might have been a UNC-grad, might not have been) looked up the Big Dipper and asked, “you mean the stars in the same place every night?” #TClaps to Le Fusil for driving on. Aye.

4. @MallCop (a/k/a @KevinJamesMiniMe) made his #FNG post. #TClaps Brother.

5. There was some (ahem) pointed grumbling about the ease with which #YHC was throwing his GRC1 around, the point of which seemed to be that it was a bit on the light side. All #YHC can say to that is keep a #FullHeart and don’t hate brute strength.

6. And finally (#YesYes), don’t forget the difference between a Mascot and a Man. Men have #Impact and Mascots get their furry anthropomorphic heads rubbed for good luck. Let’s live as Men and die with our Brothers, with a #FullHeart Brothers. With a #FullHeart.


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10 years ago

6 weeks = legal limit. Aye! Great to be back.

BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

GORUCK 101 :: success. Answered some questions and demonstrated some ruck packing techniques prior to the workout. Great to meet some new guys in the process!

Dredd – it was an honor to have you at SPEARHEAD. Thank you for coming to lead us, and thank you for teaching us leadership lessons along the way. The lessons on ranks and columns takes us back to our roots at SPEARHEAD, and reminded me of the early morning Friday workouts at Freedom park that preceded GRC 707 #memories

The Hoff
10 years ago

Aye! Killer routine and a nice kick in the teeth Dredd! Echo what Bob said above and if interested we’d love to have you make a spash at the Civil War. We could use you in whatever position you’d like. I’ve got no problem passing the torch over to you if you’d like to be General of the South.
Was thinking of changing name to Stonewall, but the tought of accidentally mortally wonding my men after a reconnaissance had me a little worried #Augustus Style.

BTB (Bob The Builder)
Reply to  The Hoff
10 years ago


Stonewall was killed by his own men. You don’t want that.

General Lee is very well respected. Stick with him! This time, he will win the war.

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