And The River Card is……..

And The River Card is……..


9 faithful for a @Bananas led KB smoke out at 0500 followed by our 0530 reservation for 27 for a brutal game of cards at #F3Kevlar.

The Thang

Partner up, grab a tire and rally up at the far west entrance to CDS.

Catch Me If You Can – partner 1 runs with tire /partner 2 – 15 CDD’s then catch partner 1 – Flapjack

All Pax meet at base of hill

Card Game From H$LL

Q pulls a card and pax perform exercises depending on suit

Hearts – Burpees

Diamonds – Dips on tires (1:1, 2:2, 3:3….etc)

Clubs – Partner bear crawl with tire #crowdpleaser

Spades – Merkins (1:1, 2:2, 3:3… etc) #crowdpleaser

Joker – Partner 1 run with tire up and around hill while Partner 2 performs CDD’s – flapjack

I think I got this right as to order:

8 partner bear crawls w tire

5 burpees

13 burpees

Joker – tire run/CDD

9 merkins

6 partner bear crawl w tire

11 dips

8 burpees

Joker – tire run/CDD

9 dips

5 dips

10 merkins

6 burpees

3 dips

Mosey back to parking lot


It was an honor to lead such a great group of brothers.  Strong group to boot.  YHC has to give all the credit however to @Gunny for the idea.  He brought out this workout a few weeks ago to DMZ and it royally sucked.  Ever since, YHC knew he wanted to bring it out and what a better time than his debut Q at #F3Kevlar.  Hope it sucked for you as much as it did for me. YHC underestimated the strength of this group as we got through 13 cards. And yes, the cards were shuffled but the first 6-7 were conveniently placed by YHC.

First, one difference between DMZ and Kevlar is the size of the hill.  No comparison as Kevlar wins hands down.  Realized that on about bear crawl #3.  #Feba.  Second, YHC decided to use tires for the bear crawls vs your ordinary bear crawl.  I think it worked pretty well but don’t get me wrong, it sucks just as bad without the tire.  The merkins were tough.  Good thing nobody was watching form out there.  Not a lie when I say it went through my head during the merkins that if you can’t Q it, don’t do it.  Probably what got me past #9 and #10.  Tiger Rag does owe us about 30 merkins but that is partially YHC’s fault as I guess I didn’t fully explain the sequence well enough.  Will split them with you sir.

I’m sure there was chatter but it was tough for YHC to pick up any of it given how far spread apart we all were and the fact that o2 felt as it was in limited supply.  If you have something, please post it so we can all get a good chuckle.  Much needed after this mornings shenanigans.

#Tclaps to the 9 faithful who showed up for the KB smoke out at 0500.  As Bulldog said, “You wake up early to post for a regular 0530 workout only to show up and get made fun of….”.  Been there, done that.

Thank you Strike Out for taking us out in prayer.


No changes for MLK Day – all normal workouts remain as planned

Email Baracas if you want to sign up for BRR.  Tiger Rag goes on the record saying it is the most fun you will have in F3..ever.




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Hair Band
10 years ago

Great Q today, nice way to mix things up.

10 years ago

I know better to trust a dealer pulling from the bottom of the deck in a dark parking lot. But somehow I got suckered into to. 8 straight up hill bear crawls are awful. Who cares about the tire at that point. Great Q Spackler. If you need a little pick me up at work today go for Pandora keyword #Rocky. #ShowtunesTabata.

10 years ago

The pre KB music was out of control this morning. Bulldog’s Beats by Dre speaker blaring the Rocky theme song at the end was priceless. #shadowboxers #extrareps
Way to bring the pain Spackler. I am still not sure if Swiss Miss, Country Livin’, and Hamish really didn’t understand the concept of the Merkin ladders/Dips ladders, or were conveniently having a brain block to limit reps to x7 or x8….instead of x70! Wise move fellas. Now I’m on to you.

Stage Coach
10 years ago

Amen to that. As if the KB work didn’t smoke the shoulders already, then came the main event. T-claps to all who survived! Could have used some of Bulldog’s manly tunes to mask the pain of the bear crawls.

10 years ago

No takers on the 2nd option to drink the water from the tire as a substitute for the bear crawls?

Good Hands
10 years ago

Great lead today, Spackler! Love the creativity and the partner work keeps you accountable. One more bear crawl and TR would have been dragging me up that hill!

10 years ago

I tell you what there were some fellas out there today who had the eye of the tiger. No one took the easy way out during the final countdown of cards. Ultimately we were all the champions for completing that workout. Nice job Spackler

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