Grandma and a Starfish

Grandma and a Starfish

8 men arrived at Charlotte Christian School this morning, some later than others, for a little variety in their workout.


Jog to upper parking lot

  • SSH x25

Jog to back of school (above stadium)

  • IW x25

Run the bleachers
Run around the track to bottom of G-ma Mtn

Grandma (sevens)
Squats at the bottom
Pull-ups at playground up top


Round 1
Homebase – 5 merkins then run to station, plank until all finish

  • Station 1         body builder merkins x10
  • Station 2         man-maker x10 (each side)
  • Station 3         pike walk merkins x10
  • Station 4         burpees x10
  • Station 5         tricep dips x40

Round 2
Homebase – 5 squats then run to station

  • Station 1         hindu squats x20
  • Station 2         alternating lunges x20 (total)
  • Station 3         heels to heaven x20
  • Station 4         flutter x20 (cadence count)
  • Station 5         jump ups / step ups x20

Tunnel of Love
Start on home field side of field / end on visitor side of field

Naked Moleskin:

Another nice, cool morning for a workout today.  If you’ve been doing F3 through a summer, I think you’d agree that temperatures in the 20s/30s is much preferred from the 90s.  YHC received a few comments about being “bundled up” this morning, but that’s the benefit of the cold weather…dress warm because you can always shed the layers later.

We got started right on time this morning and made our way to the upper parking lot for some COP, then a couple of our Joust faithful arrived late (don’t worry Night Court & Spandex, I won’t give up names).  We swung back by the lower lot to pick them up and headed for the back of the school.

We paid Grandma an early visit in this workout.  I figured it might be better to tackle the mountain before the energy gets sapped.  Guess what though….it still sucked.  It was during this part of the workout that YHC realized I lost my Weinke.  That’s W-E-I-N-K-E, not W-I-N-K-Y, although it was pretty cold out.

With a lost Weinke, the Starfish would have been completely made up.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) I found it and the pax enjoyed some variety of merkins, burpees, and dips.  The pike walk merkins seemed to be a crowd pleaser.

We finished off with a nice long tunnel of love across the football field.  What a great way to end a workout!  A little appreciation for what our ruckers out there had to endure for much longer.

Great work by all today.  It was a pleasure to lead!

Lab Rat’s virgin Q at Olympus tomorrow
Blue Ridge Relay – Contact Baracus if you’re interested

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Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Nice lead, the shoulder work and g-ma mtn was brutal. This is still such a nice site to post!

I don’t care how you spell it, that was no Weinke. According to Lexicon, Weinke: A Q’s write-up of his workout that he takes with him. Inspired by the giant wristband of plays Chris Weinke had to wear because he couldn’t even keep a quarterback sneak straight in his head.

I think yours was on legal paper! You blamed the cold for losing it? I heard it leave your pocket and whip in the morning gloom like Old Glory!

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Stone Cold-I know you were trying to head lock the teacher today, you almost got him! With the diligence that you collect signatures for the injury waiver, you may scare him away from the first post to Joust!

I really wish Baracus would have given him his weinke for demonstration purposes, but he looked intimidate by the additional paperwork…

Stone Cold
Reply to  Cheese Curd
10 years ago

We’ll keep working on that guy. You don’t always get em on the first EH. He thought we were a “jogging club”….what is that anyway? Will try to find out what he teaches then we’ll have a good name for him when he does post: Mr. Moore from Head of the Class?
Nice Q today, Baracus, Weinke or not. Tunnel of Love brought back some bad memories of GoRuck. #nightmares

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