Hydra meets Starfish pyramid, pax meet pain head on

Hydra meets Starfish pyramid, pax meet pain head on

12 PAX posted for an extremely gloomy workout. The group brushed off the early chill quickly and got into beat down rhythm. It goes something like this…

Trackside: 2 Laps

COP: 20 SSH, 20 IW, 30 MC

The Thang:

Starfish Pyramid (15 minutes as far as you get) pyramid count 5, 10, 15, 10, 5:

Run to station 1 for pyramid count Merkins, then 10 merkin middle

Run to station 2 for pyramid count Jump Squats,  then 10 merkin middle

Run to station 3 for pyramid count Heels To Heaven, then 10 merkin middle

Run to station 4 for pyramid count Rock Hoppers, then 10 merkin middle

(Congrats those who got through 4th interval – you nailed 200 merkins)

Plank in Center & Recover

Line it Up:

75-yard Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Lunge Walk (alternative) There and Back (150-yards total)

Partner Up:

75-yard Partner Drag There and Back There and Back (150-yards total)

Mosey to blacktop and Partner Up:

Partner A Burpees while wait

Partner B Zig Zag line to line for 50-yards to cone/end – Sprint Back


Rinse & Repeat but Partner A does Heels To Heaven for Round 2

Indian Run 400 meters to circle up

Partner Up for Prairie Fire Mary: 10 Left, 10 Center, 10 Right – Flapjack

Mason Twist x 15

The Moleskin:

Great work by pax today. The primary goal was to lay out a workout that offered lots of movement and kept things going. The target was shoulders, chest, legs and  lungs. The group 4-station pyramid starfish got the Thang started off pretty good. 15 minutes to see how far we could get in the pyramid. Many pax made it through the 4th interval (5,10,15,10) – strong, way strong as you hit 200 merkins. WIth a dozen guys we made the call to all start together at Station 1. That worked well. Kept us all working hard to keep up…

Also, great run in to workout by Puddin Pop and Cheese Curd. Extra credit earned.

Tiger Rag checked in on the old Hydra to see how things are going, great to see you TR. Hope we lived up to the F3 billing with this workout. There are a lot of tough acts to follow out there. We try to apply motion and muscle and variation to shock the muscles.

Quote of the day: “If someone sees an arm or a shoulder out in the middle of the field somewhere please return it to me.” by Puddin Pop

Keep coming back to Hydra, spread the word, and lets get some FNG’s and guys back out. Some folks have crawled into there winter caves but as weather warms am sure we will see our numbers climb.

It was my pleasure to lead in this wonderful gloom.

Thanks Hannibal for taking us out in the ball of man.

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10 years ago

Mater is the missing Pax. Always a pleasure to get throat-chopped by the #HappyNebraskan.

10 years ago

Great Q Bugeater! That one will be felt for a couple of days.

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Good Q bug! That star fish was a burner! Sure wish it wasn’t shoulder day at Joust today. Pudding Pop couldn’t have said it better. ah, Time to rest now.

Also, don’t short change yourself, you did the ECO challenge and ran in!

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