Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike – What day is it?

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike – What day is it?

Q: Who’s happier than a camel on Wednesday?

A: 17 PAX doing Monkey Humpers on the nicest morning of the week.  Pickle was especially happy.  He forgot his gloves and chose other alternatives to keep his, umm… hands warm.


Run around school Fire Lane, pull a wet rock out of the drainage ditch and head to the parking lot.

Seal Jacks x 21

IW x 21

Squats x 20

Merkins x 15 hold ’em for:

Mountain Climbers x 15  hold ’em for:

(YHC note: this was about the time when TR and Bulldog finally stopped the mumble chatter.  They’re like a couple of old ladies playing bridge)

Plank Jacks x 15

The Thang:

Run the perimeter loop of Covenant.  Stopping at each left hand turn for the following:

Jump Squats x20, Monkey Humpers x30, Calf Raises x40  — 6 total stops

Return to your rock and plank-o-rama until the PAX returns

Overhead presses with rock x 50 OYO – run to bus and back

Front raises with rock x 50 OYO – run to bus and back

Grab a partner and wheelbarrow to top of hill, 10 decline merkins for the wheelbarrow, run back down and flapjack.

CDD x 50 OYO  – run to bus and back

Flutter with rock press x 15

Dolly with rock press x 15

LBC x 25

Return rocks and head to cars.

Circle up and grunt out some Jack Webb until the time was up.  I think we hit 7 Merkins.


As a courteous gesture to the Kevlar PAX I tried to save the chest and back for tomorrow’s Murph.  So legs and shoulders were on the docket today.  After the first super set I considered audibling out of the plan for 180 total Monkey Humpers.  It sucked.  But the PAX can Hump.  We powered through it and TR showed a few cars on Covenant Church Ln his best side.

Sometimes when I am working on EHing a guy, I hear myself talk; and my description of what we do sounds absolutely insane.  I realized this morning that this might be true when I headed out at 5am with the thermometer @ 39 degrees and steady rain coming down AND I was giddy about how much better the weather had gotten.

I enjoyed the privilege of Q’ing this group.  My first time at Kevlar.  Bulldog said to draw up something hard and then add more.  I hope it delivered.

Thanks to Salt Lick for the send off.


  • Some rumors about a movie tonight?  I don’t know if anyone has heard about it.  Sounds like its full.  Bring cash, show up early.  If you haven’t responded positively, you probably won’t get into see Lone Survivor but, I hear they a running Steel Magnolia’s in the next theater.  A good tear jerker for those PAX too slow to HC.


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10 years ago

Great Q Alf and you brought the pain plus some. Pocket Pickle will definitely not forget his gloves next Friday!

10 years ago

Great Q Alf. Crushed it. That was a lot if sodom squats.

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