Group therapy

Group therapy

10 hearty fellows rose to the occasion for 2014’s first edition of “Base Camp”. An 11th man appeared from the gloom emerging from his vehicle completely unready for the Pain Stations awaiting. #Runstopper decided to stop in and get his math checked by Passport before proceeding to the office. At 5:30am? Dude is a early riser for sure. With some perfectly timed remarks and slight chiding we moved out. Sans Runstopper and his stylish workout beret. #missingrunstopper

Lap mosey in parking lot.

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Mtn Climber x 20
Merkin x 20
Rock hoppers x 20
Squats x 20

Mosey to opposite end of parking lot for Station 1.

St 1: Brick 21’s (w/bricks)
Push press x 21
Curl x 21
Seal jack x 21

Mosey to Station 2.

St. 2: Weight Plates
Hairburners for 20 yards (crowdpleaser)

Mosey to Station 3.

St. 3: Concrete Coupons (35lbs ?)
Bucket brigade Indian walk down and back (experimental – more on this later)

Mosey to Station 4.

St. 4: Group Therapy
Seal sit-ups x 10. Interlock arms and legs.
Merkins x 10.
Seal sit-ups x 10

Mosey back to Station 1.

Round 2
St. 1: Arm raise x 21, hammer curl x 21, SSH x 21 (w/bricks)
St. 2: Inchworm 10 yards (crowdpleaser) grab coupons
St. 3: Merkin walk. One time around – 360 degrees. Grab coupons
St. 4: Recursive Russian twist w/4 coupons (circle up on your 6, shoulder2shoulder facing out, 10 lb weight plates – hand to man to left) 2 mins

Catch me if u can. Coupons/5 merkins. Down and back

Lbc x 20
Dolly x 20
Flutter x 20
Protractor x 20
Groiners x 20
Dive bombers x 10

2:00 left – LD takes us on for some Peoples Chair

Base Camp men are getting stronger! (insert Rocky theme) Strong work from 10 men whom I heard mumblechatter pre workout about not posting for 1 or 2 weeks. Glad I could accommodate your ease back into it with a slightly more intense Base Camp workout. Relo, Pele, Hopper it’s my pleasure to induct you all into the Hairburner/Inchworm club. A first at Base Camp for sure. Bucket Brigade turned out to be not so bad once you got into the rhythm of pass and run to end of the line. Worth a try again. Seal situps, and Recursive russian twist are nice additions to the Mary arsenal. Many thanks to everyone as YHC may have turned it up a notch this morning. But that’s what we do. We work!

1/18/14 – Cornhole tournament benefiting Udder’s mission trip team to El Salvador. More Info
1/10/14 – Lone Survivor premiere at arboretum. 6:30 @ vitners. 8 movie. Bring cash for movie. More Info
1/11/14 – the murph workout at your local Sat AOP. See above link

Ball of man just before it started pouring down rain.

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10 years ago

Udder – you always bring the unorthodox. I like that. Good Q brother. Funniest moment of morning was when LD (at end of hairburners or inchworms, can’t remember) just kicked the 10 lb. plate the last 10 yards – sparks were flying even on the wet pavement.
Hopper was impressive out there…fairly new to the pax, but already bringing it. Nice work fellas.

10 years ago

No doubt. I got what i deserved. I thought I would ease back into F3 after two weeks off only to have Udder decipher that the pax were too strong for moderate…
Great Q Udder.

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