DMZ Backblast

DMZ Backblast

Swiper posting for Gunny:
An Impressive showing of 27 +/- PAXS came out for the summer time temps and rain. A down payment was made and solid Time on Target (TOT) of 45 mins was the reward.
The Thang:
Exfil DMZ enroute to CMS.
enroute; 1st driveway Double Time in Place 10 up/downs
             2nd driveway Merkins X 20
             3rd driveway SSH X 30
             4th driveway Freddy Mercs X 40
Mosey to the back lot of CMS
Course of Action:  Deck of Cards
Clubs – Forward/Backwards Bear Crawls (uphill!)
Hearts – Burpees (one leg)
Diamonds – Turkish Get Ups
Spades – Partner Push ups
A sprinkle of Planks to fill in the down time.

Great start with an Ace (14) of Clubs. This set the tone as the majority of cards pulled were Club face cards. A close second were the brutal Partner Push ups. As one PAX mentioned, “never been so glad to do Turkish Get up!” Mosey back to the DMZ, half way circle back, pick up rest of the team. Strong Finish!


Not a whole lot of mumblechatter as the PAX were all business. There was no escaping the pain, solid workout by all. Loud T-Claps for the Ruckers, solid performance men! Rain ruined several names during the COT so sound off if you’re missed on the PAX list.


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BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

I hate that I missed this one. Looks intense! I’ll make it out to a DMZ soon

10 years ago

Leroy was in attendance. Tough workout and good timing given the rain and plumetting temperatures that followed.

10 years ago

Lots of bear crawls and partner merkins – a brutal combo. Glad the rain mostly held off. Tough Q, Gunny!

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

The Ace of clubs was brutal – 12 times up the hill with six being backward was aweful. Surprised I did not hear a single BS – guess the PAX was scared how Gunny might react. I’d put this work-out up against any other in town – Gunny brought some real pain to the PAX this am.

10 years ago

Gunny brought the pain. Don’t think any PAX would argue with that. Partner merkins were very enjoyable. Please note that CANE was in attendance. He was left off the PAX list.

10 years ago

Spackler was there and it sucked. Bad. We gotta upgrade some of you gents to ‘new’ technology. Pen + paper + rain = fail

Purple Haze
10 years ago

This workout was absolutely awful…one of the toughest I’ve done. Still feeling all those backwards bear crawls up the hill and the partner push ups that followed. Turkish get ups and I don’t get along…but I was glad each and every time they were called.

10 years ago

Gents, thank you for the opportunity to lead. It was a tremendous team effort by all. Look forward to the next one. Spackler, lesson learned, next time it will be permanent marker ha!

Field of Dreams
10 years ago

My first Gunny workout. Won’t miss another.

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