Olympus – Byron’s Traveling Circus of Pain

Olympus – Byron’s Traveling Circus of Pain

It was just warm enough for 6 Pax to emerge from the Gloom into the COP 2.0

Quick Warm-up:
SSH x 20
IW x 15
T-Merkins x 10
Reach Back Squats x 10

8 Stations of Pain:
Tire flips (5) and Sledgehammer Pounds (10+)
Firehouse Flow – similar to battling ropes
30lb Med Ball Squat and Launch
70lb. KB Farmer’s Walk (70 each hand)
Banded Lateral Bearcrawl (8 yard course)
Firehose Run (60 ft.hose dragging behind you)
Dolly Bearcrawls

The Tire and Firehose Run were the timers. One round completed.

3-Man Grinders

Team 1 – Hairburners
Team 2 – Firehose Run

The partners at the “start end” performed goblet squats and the partners at the “finish end” performed shoulder presses. One round through for each team then switch locations.

3-Man Stations

Team 1 = Tire flips, KB snatch, KB Lunge – Rotate after the “Snatcher” has performed 5 reps each side.
Team 2 = Firehose flow, MB squat and launch, banded lateral bearcrawls – Rotate after “Squat and Launcher” has hit 10 reps.
Teams switch locations.

KB Core Suicide – KBs stay at the start line.  Perform 5 combos on each side – 1 swing, 1 high pull, 1 clean and press, 1 snatch = 1 combo. Sprint 25 yards and hit 15 flutter kicks and dollies. Sprint back to start for 5 more combos on each side. Sprint 50 yards and hit 10 side plank hip abductions each side. Sprint back to start for 5 combos each side. Sprint 75-ish yards and hit 10 flutter kicks and dollies and 5 side plank hip abductions each side. Sprint to start.

COT – Good send-off BLC with your prayer!


*The Clock says Go, but the Body says No – After the first round of stations, I asked Gullah for a time check.  We were 30 minutes in!  Half way. 30 minutes to go. Why Lord? This hurt fellas but when it is cold, I like to get heavy and nasty with fun implements of doom.  Thanks for playing with my toys and the opportunity to lead.  Our glutes will never be the same.

*Special prayer for Hoff’s bowels.  Let’s just say that while we working our extremeties, he had a special internal isometric contraction to focus on.  Hope you made it home, big guy.

*No Olympus next week, but hopefully everyone is doing the Murph…check the site for details.

*F3 Charleston on 2/1…I am heading down with Nibbler and crashing at a minister’s house on Friday night.  Anyone interested in joining us is invited, just comment below.

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Big League Chew
Big League Chew
10 years ago

I was gonna say we got another mad scientist loose in Area 51 but I think “Ring Master of Affliction” is more fitting. Yeah the Hoff was looking a little pale towards the end….and last but not least …”Survey says 70% of the pax are pre-post poppers”…with an occasional trips to the woods. Mid-post poppers. We know who we are. Way to hang in there Hoff!

The Hoff
10 years ago

I barely made it!!! The holidays have thrown off my rhythm and the sweet science took a hit today! However, must have been attributed to that routine as well. I’ve been to A LOT of workouts, and in 18 years and Never missed a week in the gym in all that time…that being said T-Claps to Byron!!,! That smokefest you put together today was one of the best workouts I’ve EVER been a part of. Nice work and honored to have you Q Olympus!

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