Getting Back To Our Roots: Setting The Pace At SPEARHEAD

Getting Back To Our Roots: Setting The Pace At SPEARHEAD

(7) men emerged from their fartsacks this morning to get back to their rucking roots at SPEARHEAD.

Thursday morning workouts began on 8/29 as the PAX were preparing for what would become GORUCK Challenge Class 815.  Thursdays were designed to get some miles on our feet, test our shoes/socks, and generally practice good moving form and coupon management.

Culkin, the proven master of the Thursday distance workouts, lead us through the gloom, into sprinklers – strapless and without kidneys. (See 8/29 backblast)

Today, we decided to get back to our roots.  The goal was distance and pace.  We covered 5.84 miles total, and here’s how it happened.

The Thang:

  • Rucks up in the back lot + 40 pound sandbag coupon.
  • (6) men headed to the entrance of the school while (1) – Angler (hurt calf)- stayed behind to keep his focus on selection quality push ups, sit ups, and a little ruck work around the track.
  • Start the timer at the front gate.
  • Head down the hill on Camilla, go around the culdesac,  turn right on Morrowick, turn right on Morrowick Circle and up the hill/around the circle, Left on Morrowick, Left on Camilla, back to the starting point.  This was just over a 2 mile loop.  Logged time.
  • Rinse and repeat – 2 mile loop again.  This time we beat or original time by 15 seconds.
  • 6AM – Head out on one mile loop – Camilla, Right on Lori, Right on Colony, Right on Carmel, Right on Camilla, back to the back lot.  Just over 1 mile.
  • Total Distance – 5.84 Miles

We maintained approximately a 15:30/mi pace during the timed portion of the ruck.  15:48 overall including work in the parking lot.  Maintaining this pace will meet or exceed the selection standard for ruck time; however, we were not individually loaded down with as much weight as the selection standard requires.  Overall a great performance.



  • Today was about covering distance, and learning to judge our rucking pace.  Getting a feel for how long it takes to go certain distances is important for time hacks, and will help us be better leaders in a challenge or otherwise.
  • Angler is definitely the most faithful member of SPEARHEAD.  He posted today but did not ruck with us due to a calf injury.  Instead, he attempted the selection standard push ups and sit ups on his own twice, and then rucked over 2 miles on the track at his own pace as to not overdo his calf.  This man is a beast!
  • While our focus was on pace, today was also a good wake up call to remind the PAX to watch their footwear.  Due to the quick pace and longer than usual distance, there was some talk of hot spots on the feet.  As the challenge nears, we will continue to take time to focus on speed and distance so that you can tune in your footwear choices.
  • Thanks for letting me lead you men, it was an honor and a pleasure.


  • SPEARHEAD Happy Hour in South Charlotte will be the first and third Tuesdays of the month after work at The Lodge on Colony Road.  See the Social Schedule for more information and to order your official SPEARHEAD Happy Hour/2ndF T-Shirt.
  • BREW Ruck is 1/11/2014.  Sign Up Now at the web site.
  • The SPEARHEAD Patch Challenge continues in January.  Earn your patch this month, as next month there will be a PATCH HOLDER ONLY event announced.
  • SPEARHEAD Civil War is coming up on President’s Day weekend.  Schedule C is the event Q, while The Hoff is the South Team Q and Dallas is the North Team Q.  Contact your area team Q if you are interested in participating.

Follow @SPEARHEADf3 on Twitter and for future announcements.


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The Hoff
10 years ago

Nice work! Hate that I missed it…there is a plague making it’s way through SH…I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow for a healthy dose of a Dora beatdown!

10 years ago

This was a great ruck; I enjoyed every minute of it. The great thing about Thursday’s rucks is that we get a lot of 2nd F along the way. Yes, we’re movin’ and groovin’ and swappin’ coupons along the way, but there’s plenty of O2 left to chat with the brothers, get to know one another better, welcome the new guys (Peloton), crack awful jokes, and generally build some fantastic bonds between us.

BTB, thanks for putting together a ruck with a purpose. Great Q. Loved it.

10 years ago

Awesome pace and a new route! You can move faster with strap privileges #dowork Dora.

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