The Quietest Silent Bob Has Ever Been

The Quietest Silent Bob Has Ever Been

(posted on behalf of Silent Bob….sort of)

The VSF was planted, and 20 men consisting of a strong blend of southern Metro and northern Area51 pax got after it with FOD leading us down a pitch black Camilla Drive for another Monday morning rendition of DMZ.

The Thang:

Jog .4 miles to Carmel MS bus lot for COP in cadence:

SSH x 25 (or 30?)

Merkin x 15

MC x 25

Jog to hill near baseball field

Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees at top – up to 7

Jog to track

4 corners of the following:

LBC x 10

Squat x 10

Diamond Merkin x 10

Turkish get-up x 10 (at first corner, FOD audibled to 5 at the remaining 3 corners)

At this point, FOD handed the reins and his watch to YHC.

Jog to bus lot for:

High Knees – 50 yds

Lunge walk – 50 yds

Karaoke – 50 yds, flapjack (so to speak) – 50 yds

Split the pax into 2 groups

Bear Crawl up the handicap ramps, run down the stairs, 13 Hand-Release Merkins at bottom – 3 sets of this

Jog back towards launch point, stopping at the 2 traffic islands for:

Flutter x 13 in cadence at 1st ramp

Plankorama of various sorts at 2nd ramp

Jailbreak to the launch point

Mosey to C@C lot for Mary session in cadence:

Dolly x 13

Knee-ups x 8

Plankorama of various sorts

Mosey back to launch point for COT


At roughly 5:29.40 – FOD and YHC determined Silent Bob was AWOL for one of the following reasons:

1) Forgot he was on Q at DMZ and was deep in the fartsack

2) Remembered he was on Q but remained deep in the fartsack anyway #refusenikQ

3) Was incapacitated due to illness, too much Christmas cheer, or both

4) Was DR and failed to call for reinforcements

So….FOD & YHC decided to split the impromptu Q duties and lead these 20 hearty souls in a holiday stroll through the DMZ.

Mumblechatter was silenced pretty quickly when FOD called for the Jacob’s Ladder immediately following COP. #unsavory

CR’s new Garmin/GPS/MapYourRun wristwatch could not, however, be silenced….good grief. Speaking of watches, YHC needed to borrow FOD’s so to keep the pax on time.  Much obliged partner.

In addition to Silent Bob apparently fartsacking his way through his holiday break, Cadillac informed that he was to clowncar it with Chelms this morning, but aka Tater Tot stayed curled up for an extended winter nap in his fartsack as well.

CR was audibly pleased when FOD dusted off the Turkish get-up’s…and the audible to 5 at each corner from 10 was well-received by all the pax.

Intel’s GI issues did not go unnoticed — flat out crop-dusting the pax all the way around the track. YHC is glad he wasn’t behind you on the Bear Crawls up the ramps. #malodorous

TR was uncharacteristically non-vocal due to still fighting off the Skunkvergence Flu, though saved a jab for the Mary session at the end when YHC clearly couldn’t make it to 13 on the cadence-count knee-up’s #humbledQ

Enough of the rambling.  Thanks to the DMZ pax for enduring an ad-libbed duo Q from FOD and Hops.

Happy New Year brothers.  May God evidence Himself in our lives this coming year in ways we couldn’t have imagined and in a manner where only He gets the glory.


Winston-Salem launch this Saturday, Jan. 4th – Hanes Park –

Charleston re-launch – Saturday, Feb. 1st –

New workout on Wednesdays at Carmel MS launches next Wednesday, Jan. 8th – “Run & Gun” – Regimen will be a race-pace 5k followed by tabata’s.

1/1/14 Convergences:

Area51 – South Charlotte MS – 7:00am – Joker, Stagecoach & Young Love on Q

Metro – Freedom Park – 7:00am – meet at train

Joe Davis Memorial Resolution 5K – – Register – still time to join the pax after a convergence with The Fort at 7:00am – race at 9:00am.

LoneSurvivor/Murph – Area51 – click link below for details below.  Don’t want to miss this one men!




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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Guilty of being a #holidaysadclown as properly noted by Cadillac. However, my invite the nighe before was soundly rejected by Cadillac #headfake (actual text from Cadillac was “I’m doubtful due to being fat and lazy”). There is no way I would have fartsacked if the repy had been “IN”. He gave me the perfect excuse to stay in bed.

Silent Bob
10 years ago

I have nothing to say in my defense. Reason #1 is the correct one. After posting yesterday for the Six Shooter, I told my wife that I was going to take today off from F3. It wasn’t until mid-morning today that I realized that I was scheduled to Q today.

Tclaps to Hops and FOD for stepping up in my (unexecused) absence.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Excuse was lame but it was true. I would never leave a brother hanging if I thought he would be waiting on me. Alternatively, much easier to fartsack when the expectation is #youagainstyou.

10 years ago

CR’s Garmin F620 was pinging the whole time because he ran with near perfect Vertical Oscillation.

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