Hydra gift exchange

Hydra gift exchange

11 pax stepped away from their warm beds, their Christmas trees and families tucked snugly in bed to meet their workout brothers in the cold but unusually friendly gloom. After talk of mumble chatter the evening before in twitterland, QIC felt compelled to make believers out of this group, that we could have another day of Christmas.

The Thang:

Warmup is 2 laps, 4 corners: SSH x 10, I Walkers x 10, Merkins x 10, Burpees x 10


Partner Up – Partner A Bear Crawls, Partner B 5 Burpees and Chase, switch – 1 Lap

Mosey to field behind school and line up for a fun (&slightly confusing) pyramid run:

There – burpeesx5, M Climbersx5, HeelstoHeavenx5, RockHoppersx5

Back – burpeesx10, M Climbersx10, HeelstoHeavenx10, RockHoppersx10

There – burpeesx15, M Climbersx15, HeelstoHeavenx15, RockHoppersx15

Back – burpeesx10, M Climbersx10, HeelstoHeavenx10, RockHoppersx10

There – burpeesx5, M Climbersx5, HeelstoHeavenx5, RockHoppersx5

Mosey to Playground:


Partner A Plank on Partner B Feet, Partner B Old Fashioned Situpsx25

Mosey to Snack shack:

Dipsx30, Hop/Step Upsx20, Burpeesx10

Again – Dipsx30, Hop/Step Upsx20, Burpeesx10

Mosey to Football Field:

200 yards of Partner Drag flap-jacking as often as needed (there and back)

Mosey to finish

Circle Up

Ball of Man – Closing prayer by Hops (thanks Hops)

The Moleskin:

Strong work by all who came out. There was some tough going in the middle of that gloom. The bear crawl around the track is always a crowd pleaser, and somewhere on the way to 15 reps of the pyramid run some folks were feeling the sweet, sweet pain of hydra, or perhaps it was the return trip of the partner drags that was the icing on this workout cake.

There was no slowing Long Distance as he was powered by his strong legs and his extra g-force. I hope Santa brought you some new pants for Christmas. Cottonmouth was a jumping machine on the hop ups and completed the 30-20-10 round in quick time.  Strong effort in the pyramid run by all!

Hops earned some bonus points as he ran to and from OP for a probably 2+ miles additional workout. The Hydra likes to keep the pax moving and the challenge weekly is to get pax to run in from their homes or the Harris Teeter or Bi Lo to add 1.5-2 miles onto the workout..

As usual, I appreciate the opportunity to lead. Thanks gentlemen. Keep pushing and giving your best. Prepare for an awesome 2014. Sign up for some events so you have targets to shoot for. See you out in the gloom and keep posting Hydra!


Convergence Saturday Ascent at the Rock

Convergence Saturday Day Zero and Olympus

Convergence New Years Day Morning – all A51 workouts at Death Valley (South CLT Middle School)

Joe Davis 5k coming up Jan 4, 2014.

Lone Survivor Movie Premiere – 2nd F Friday January 10 followed by Murph workout on Saturday January 11,  2014. 2nd F combo coordinated by Stone Cold and Honey Bee

Last, step up and Q Hydra in 2014 – we need to add some folks to the rotation.  We have had the following pax lead Hydra thus far: Donkey Kong, 49er, Bugeater, Cheese Curd, Run Stopper, Cotton Mouth, High Tide, Champagne – and would like to add more to this list. When you lead you get to design the workout.  That is the beauty of it. Step up and let Kong, 49er, or Bugeater know which week in Jan or Feb you would be interested in. New Years Resolution for you to lead a workout.

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10 years ago

Solid Q Bugeater. Don’t get to post at Hydra very often, but it never disappoints. Judge Smails and I were lamenting after the workout that burpees never seem to get any easier #perpetualcrowdpleaser
T-claps to Lab Rat who was flying on the There/Back’s.

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