Watch what you say – the Q may be listening

Watch what you say – the Q may be listening

The virtual shovel flag was planted and six men rolled out early to a moon lit track (no head lamps required) to get the day started off right.

The Thang:

Jog down to track and take one lap for warm up.


  • SSH X25
  • Squats X25
  • IW X25

800 meter intervals with lunge walks for active recovery

  • Round 1 – Walking lunges for 100 meters
  • Round 2 – Walking lunges for 100 meters
  • Round 3 – Walking lunges for 50 meters
  • Round 4 – Walking lunges for 50 meters

Mosey to the field for “Four Corners” (ten of called exercise at each corner)

  • Round 1 – Jump squat pivots (thank PH)
  • Round 2 – SSH
  • Round 3 – IW
  • Round 4 – Russian twist
  • Round 5 – Jumping lunges

(did we do a Round 6 – can’t recall due to O2 deprivation trying to keep up with Frasier)

Jog back to parking lot for COT

YHC rarely has a plan with everything slotted in and improvisation is a favorite (as I’m too lazy to plan ahead in that much detail).   PH helped me in this regard with is reference to some lame exercise at BHM call squat pivots (looked like a Dook drill to me).   I decided to add a jump to the exercise.   It may add some explosive power to our jumping but it was painful on the last two corners.

T-claps to Whip Lash for some free advice on taking care of tennis elbow (which I have not played in several years).   It has been nagging for weeks and the chiropractor (same as witch doctor – no?) helped me out big time.

Thanks to PH for the closing prayer – always brings it at the end

Announcements – Keep an eye on the web site and weekly email blast for holiday schedule as there will be some shuffling.  Also, try to sign up for the 5K run in Fort Mill on January 4 to raise funds in honor of Rock Thrills brother.    Parties for the kids at Billingsville Wednesday and AG on Thursday if you can make it.  Give me a shout ( or sound off below if you want more information on time.  Good way to experience what we are doing there without having to tutor your first visit.


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Purple Haze
10 years ago

After 300 meters of lunge walking, I only brought up the squat pivots as an alternative to work the legs while we kept moving. Sorry PAX…I did not know that Chelms, even without the mystical powers of his tassled Hornets lid, would take it a step further and introduce jump squat pivots, which not only burned badly in corner 3 but also had me a little dizzy by that time as well.

Quote of the morning from Leroy after blazing (i.e., Frasier who passes everyone didn’t pass him until late in the backstretch) the first lap of the first round of 800s: “I was thinking only one lap…stupid me!” Solid work out there brother!

Chelms…forgetful due to O2 dep…or WD status?

Reply to  Purple Haze
10 years ago

I will pay better attention next time. Credit for the extra kick in my step goes to new shoes purchased over the weekend and the confidence I was not going to run into a pot hole.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Chelms – I guess you did remember all the PAX without using a recording device so we’ll go with O2 dep.

Leroy – New shoes or not, you are definitely getting faster brother.

It is confirmed that FT will be converging on SkunkWorks next week.

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