12 Days of (KB) Christmas at Olympus

12 Days of (KB) Christmas at Olympus

9 Fearless F3ers
1 Kettlebell each
576 Reps
12 “Days” of Christmas at Olympus

The numbers don’t lie…this one will be remembered.

The Thang:

Hoff led a brutal warm-up. Partner up and play “catch me if you can” with KB Farmer’s Walk/Runs while partner hits 10 merkins. Repeat-a-rama for 2 laps around the track.

Byron led remaining time together…KB 101 for about 10 minutes (or until the arctic wind dictated that it was time to get busy).  Take away point…”hips drive, arms guide” for all KB exercises worth doing.

Next, 12 Days of (KB) Christmas at Olympus…

1st Day = KB Burpee
2nd Day = Windmill Press (1 each side)
3rd Day = Snatch (3 each side)
4th Day = Renegade Row (4 each side)
5th Day = KB Lunge (5 each side)
6th Day = High pulls (6 each side, except on sets 10 and 11)
7th Day = Shoulder Press (7 each side)
8th Day = Goblet Squats
9th Day = Russian Twists
10th Day = One-arm Row (5 each side due to time)
11th Day = Single-leg RDL (11 each side)
12th Day = 12 curls and 12 overhead triceps extensions

It follows the song (Day 1, Day 2 + Day 1, Day 3 + Day 2 + Day 1, etc.) to equal 576 total reps!



*About the time I thought I was talking too much about pelvic and thoracic mobility, a mighty wind blew through the group and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees instantly.   That was my cue from the big guy to move on and get busy!  We determined the temperature dropped a full 20 degrees during our entire session, but the KB kept us warm.



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10 years ago

Byron, what is that cannonball that you’re holding in your Avatar!!! Fear the bell.
I’m truly sorry I missed this one fellas. You guys are animals.

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