Heart Attack Pace Part 2

Heart Attack Pace Part 2

The numbers were up this morning as the warm, humid weather made another stop in Charlotte this week.  Radar brought back a crowd favorite from many weeks ago… time limits and penalty exercises.

* 25x SSH
* 20x Butt kicks
* 20x Mtn climbers

Hill work – goal time 6 minutes
* 11s with merkin jacks at the top and knee tucks at the bottom
Goal not achieved – 30 burpee penalty

Indian run to Rea road and 51 – goal time 4 minutes
Goal achieved!

Mosey to the field..do a few merkins and mountain climbers to get the heart rate back up before…

Sprint across the field to street light – goal time 30 seconds
Goal achieved!

North face – goal time 4 minutes
* 20 deep squats at the bottom and 20 calf raises at the top
* 3 rotations
Goal achieved!

Indian run to other entrance 4 in 2 mins

Entrance 4 Hill – Partner up
Round 1 – goal time 1 min
* P1 run down the hill and back
* P2 does Burpees
Goal achieved!

Round 2 – goal time 2 min
* Same exercise but 2 rotations
Goal not achieved – Penalty 20 Mission Impossible Peter Parker’s

Jail break back to shovel flag

Circle up for up tempo Mary – 1 partner run ~50yds to light post and back while other partner does exercise, then flapjack until total count reached, continue through all 3 exercises
* 100x LBC
* 100x flutter
* 100x dolly

COT – Purple Haze took us out.

A quality lead by Radar this morning! This routine brought about some unpleasant memories from its introduction just a couple months ago. However, this group of 20 men was up for the challenge as we only missed our time goal on 2 of the exercises! Great work guys. Clearly this workout is a keeper as the O2 deprivation was high. We were constantly on the move, and there wasn’t alot of chatter this morning.  Radar thanks for leading us!

I don’t have much material for the backblast so I’m taking a suggestion and repeating some of the moleskin from the first episode of this workout….

“So the morning started with me reading a late night text from Dora saying I may not make it. Something hurts…. blah blah blah. Keep in mind he has been telling me daily since Monday he would be there Wend. Must still be hiding under the covers with Go Ruck PTSD. Get back in the fight Dora- as we heard a thousand times Friday/Saturday.”  … No Dora this morning either.

“Becky, posted 3 months ago for the first time and never showed his face again until today. (5 minutes late) Welcome back brother.”  … No Becky this morning.  Has anyone seen Becky?

“Bulldog mentioned that Bananas was puking after the first Indian Sprint. I asked Bananas about it and he said Bulldog was just jealous of him and trying to make him look weak. Lovers quarrels are fun to watch.”  … I don’t believe there was any spillage this morning, but Hacksaw was looking a little green toward the end there.  Get well soon brother!

Christmas Party on Saturday – try to carpool or park at Carmel Baptist, don’t forget to bring a dish, cash for raffle, and a bag of non-perishable food.

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10 years ago

I need to Q at Anvil again. Apparently they write your backblasts for you. Top shelf.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

This was a very stealth move by Radar. He sent his workout to me in an e-mail and ask me to forward it to Baracus. I was left to explain to Baracus that Radar was going to be tied up all day. It seems I will be doing this man’s dirty work for the rest of my F3 life.

10 years ago

Baracus agreed to do the back blast as I thought I would be at the hospital with my 3 week old all day (again). Turns out it was just a runny nose. Just kidding, but no hospital. Tiger Rag, I don’t think getting the back blast done at Anvil would be a regular thing if you Qd there. However, just tell Haze to post where ever you Q and then tell him to do the back blast. He will.

10 years ago

So Bulldog was mentioned in 2 successive posts about having lovers quarrels with different members of the PAX: Bananas and Haggis. Interested to know if he only falls in love with those named after food? Some sort of eating disorder maybe? Who’s next in his sites? Lobster Roll? Turkey Leg? Crabcake? Stay tuned.

10 years ago

Has anyone seen thin crust lately?

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