The Dawn of The Liquor Cycle

The Dawn of The Liquor Cycle

8 PAX posted at SPEARHEAD today and were lead through a routine that would have even given a GRT Cadre heartburn…

Extra Credit: 04:45 1.5 Mile Ruck with 80lbs Coupon
05:15 1 Mile Run with Ruck (11 Minutes)

The Thang:
SS5 x 35
Slow Squat x 25
Selection Test:
– Selection Style Push-ups for 2 minutes (target 55)
– Selection Style Sit-ups for 2 minutes (target 55)
Mosey to End Zone – Every 10 yards perform new exercise
End Zone: Monkey Humpers x 25 / Bear Crawl to 10 Yard Line
10 Yard Line: Imperial Walker x 25 / Low Crawl to 20 Yard Line – Packs off, move pack on ground
20 Yard Line: Flutter with Chest Press x x25 / Duck Walk to 30 Yard Line – Packs on
30 Yard Line: Parker Peter x 25 / Bear Crawl to 40 Yard Line
40 Yard Line: Belly, Back, Feet x 15 / Low Crawl to 50 Yard Line
50 Yard Line: Peter Parker x 25 / Duck Walk to 40 Yard Line
40 Yard Line: Jack Webb x 8 / Bear Crawl – Packs off, move on ground to 30 Yard Line
30 Yard Line: Ruck Curls x 25 / Low Crawl to 20 Yard Line
20 Yard Line: 8 Count Body Builders x 10 / Duck Walk to the 10 Yard Line
10 Yard Line: Mason Twists w. Ruck x 25 / Bear Crawl to End Zone

Partner Carry to 50 Yard Line / Flapjack Partners / P2 Carry to End Zone
Ruck Carry Ladder:
All Pax Plank at the End Zone
PAX 1 Carry all Rucks to 10 Yard Line. 1 by 1 next person sprints to 10 yard line and back to retrieve 3 Rucks. Once 3 Rucks are on the 10 Yard line, the next person goes and 1 by 1 carries 3 more rucks to the 10 Yard Line. Once all Rucks are on 10 Yard Line, PAX 1 moves 3 Rucks to 20 Yard Line. Rinse and Repeat until all Rucks are moved down the Football Field
Rest of PAX Plank Up and perform Merkins until all PAX move Rucks
LBC until the rest of the Rucks are back

Strong work as always from the PAX today. I named this post The Dawn of the Liquor Cycle for a reason. Watching him come along as a site Q has been a wonderful thing to see. LS- you killed it out there today. That routine that tested us in every way possible and it was very well thought out…However your audible at the end (on the fly) was amazing. You created a cool and challenging routine with the Pack Carries that I know we are going to use/modify over time!
Additionally, Liquor Cycle carried me (The Hoff) for 50 yards. I had a 47 lbs pack, weighing in at a hefty 235 and his pack at 40lbs, he shouldered 322 pounds #superhuman!
As for the PAX there were times when I looked over and saw everyone moving as a group and going through the Suck together as a team. As a result, SH is making us a well oiled machine!
On Behalf of Liquor Cycle, thank you for training with us this morning and please sound off below if you have comments about this workout.
The Hoff (On Behalf of Liquor Cycle)

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10 years ago

That was some serious good stuff LC. Proud of that Q man.

10 years ago

Good work LC and it was good to be back out at SH. I’m glad noone saw the calamity during the partner carry that was me attempting to jump on Culkin’s back and failing miserably by falling off and having Culkin in turn fall on top of me #rookieathisfinest(at least it think it went unoticed).

10 years ago

Gullah – Yeah I missed that one! I had a 300lb brick house I was trying to focus on!

Glad everyone enjoyed it! I was hoping to at least smoke everyone, in at least on the lineup items we did. Tried to get an overall complete muscle failure for the whole workout!

BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Wow! Kind of glad I missed this one. What a workout! Good job, LC. I look forward to your next Q. Everyone remember to sign up to Q now. It’s nice filling the slots a couple weeks in advance.

I’ll see some of you at 4 for the furniture moving party!

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