I think it counts……

I think it counts……

18 pax put in work this am. Some showed up early for a little Busch led pre game. See the work out here. http://rkcblog.dragondoor.com/the-9-minute-kettlebell-complex-from-hell/ 

The Thang 

  • Little mosey around the way.
  • Circle Up
  • SSH
  • Ski Abs
  • Mountain Climbers


  • Mosey over to entrance sign and partner up in 3s
  • Hair Burners and Sand Bags all the way around the church campus. 5 pain stations along the way.
  • P1 starts pushing plates while P2 and P3 run down and do a designated sand bag work out. When they hit the number P2 and P3 run back to the plates and one of them takes over. The other two run back to the pain statin and do the reps again. This goes on until the plate gets to the pain station
  • Pains Stations
  • 25 over head press
  • 25 rows
  • 25 alternating shoulder press with squat
  • 25 Carolina dry docks
  • 25 merkins
  • Once every finishes we mosey over to the hill for some more work


  • 200 team merkins. Only the ones at the bottom of the hill count 
  • Same Concept- P1 starts at the bottom doing merkins. P2 and P3 up the hill and complete 10 diamonds. Back down and relieve p1. Other two packs up the hill for 10 diamonds until the 200 merkins are complete.


  • Team Sprints and Bear Crawls 
  • Same Concept- P1 starts bear crawling. P2 and p3 sprint out 50 yards and back. Switch out the bear crawler and do this until the bear crawler get to the end 
  • Mosey in the wrong direction so we get some stairs in before heading back 
  • Jail Break to the flag pole 


  • 25 or so reverse crunches
  • 20 or so slow count bicycles
  • 40 seconds of ski abs on your own


Strong work by the group today. The pre gamers definitely got their moneys worth. There was a bit of confusion on how the hair burner and sandbag routine would work at the beginning. YHC must not have explained it well enough. We got it together by the first pain station though. I expected this to take a lot longer than it did. I still had 17 minutes left once we got to the end. So the hill work and bear crawls were a bit impromptu. 

I don’t have  any funny moments to mention as it was all I could do to focus on the task at hand. We moved those plates a long way (.49 mile) with really no breaks. 

Keep Geraldo in you thoughts and prayers. He hurt his back during the KB and had to call it a day. Tiger Rag had him sign a disclaimer right before he left 

I should mention Spackler texted the captioned right after the work out. I think it counts


Day Zero Challenge tomorrow- Haggis HCd today

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10 years ago

That was brutal Radar, thank you for the beatdown. Hard time standing up straight this morning after the hairburners and sandbag gutpunch. Heal up quick Geraldo.

10 years ago

Oh it counts! Haggis was a machine on the plates after what I thought it could be another DW debacle in the making. Way to pull through Radar.

10 years ago

He who has ears let him hear: Never text Radar (aka #GroupTextSpammer) anything you don’t want 7 billion people to read. The only saving grace for Justin “Turn Your Head and” Gough is that he enters his contacts by their F3 name. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his wife come up as MRadar.

As to the question at hand: does it count? By the letter of the law, the merlot didn’t actually spill, though I would count this argument in the “I didn’t inhale” school of logic. By the spirit of the law, the workout caused him to regurgitate the contents of his stomach. That he was man/stupid enough to choke it back down is immaterial. Count it.

Cheese Curd
Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

I wasn’t there and sort of happy about that, as it sounded like too much fun! However, Spackler…Count it!

Compelling and funny comments TR

10 years ago

Thanks to the pax for the kind thoughts. Some rest and a few visits to the back cracker should set me ready me for a return soon. On my way out I heard the plates from the hair burners in the distance and was disappointed to miss a classic Radar beat down.

10 years ago

Although the workout was worthy of spillage,that wasn’t what caused the mini throw ups. Someone showed me a drivers license photo that caused me to gag. I could only see 1/2 of a face inside the picture box on the license. #TR #clempson #Babyruth

10 years ago

I would like to give T claps to both TR and Strange Brew for their transformations. Remarkable. Give you a lot of respect. BOOM.

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