Don’t Call it a Comeback

Don’t Call it a Comeback

The Maul was extra biright this morning due to portable flood lights that were brought in for some work.  13 men squinted their eyes and went about their business with Strawberry on the Q.

Posted on his behalf:

Mosey to lot in front of HT.

  • SSH x 30
  •  Imperial Walkers x 30
  • Slow Squats – 20

-Mosey to fountain. Spread out around the fountain.

  •  25 merkins then a lap around Qdoba building
  • 25 wide decline merkins with feet on the fountain then another lap
  • 25 diamond incline merkins with hands on the fountain then another lap.
  • Plank until everyone is done.
  • (Repeato) but with a twist:
  • 30 wide merkins then a lap
  • 30 regular incline merkins with hands on the fountain then one more lap.
  • 30 diamond decline merkins with feet on the fountain then another lap.
  •  Plank until everyone is done.

– Pax separate into two lines for an Indian Run to the first speed bump behind Target.

  • From 1st speed bump to next = Lunge walk then 30 flutter kicks
  • Bear Crawl to next speed bump then 30 Rosalita
  • Jog backwards to the next speed bump and 30 LBC’s.
  • Crab walk to next speed hump 30 Heels to Heaven.
  • Side twist to the last speed hump and 30 Dolly.
  • Flapjack side twist to the stop sign.
  • Bicycle until everyone is caught up.

–  Mosey to back of Theatre – wall walk last part of the wall to the far corner.

  • People’s chair. Raise arms overhead. Arms straight out. Raise left leg. Raise right. Etc.

– Mosey to grass at back of parking lot for Jack Webbs – 4,8,12,16,20,16,12,8,4

– Turn over to Mic Check for last 5 minutes of fun torture = Mary


It’s great to be back. After a hiatus that lasted way too long; it’s nice to be back among fellow PAX for an early morning beat down. When I lasted posted to the Maul it was definitely not this cold out. I’ll have to reassess my cold weather workout gear’s effectiveness. I order to keep all of us warm; I decided what better way than a little running, merkins, and John Webb (Jack’s older brother). All of our tricep’s will thank us later for the 265 total merkins completed. I had audibled out of the crab walk on the 3rd speed hump due to my short term memory loss of the distance between each hump. Unfortunately Mighty Mite is a warrior and audibled back to crab walks on the next speed hump interval (you can thank him on his next Q). Jack’s older brother John Webb finished all of us off before Mic Check’s last minute pain. Many thanks for allowing me to lead the fine men that came today. F3 is truly special and it’s an honor to be a part.


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10 years ago

Solid Q Strawberry. The pushfest to start out was painful – diamonds being the most lethal kryptonite for me…thank you very little.
I didn’t address this during COT…but should have. When are the SOBs going to properly rename Wingman who donned his M’s shirt to a workout in the last couple weeks. Baracus suggested Ru Paul. TR suggested something akin to Spaghetti Straps or Midriff.

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