You just can’t escape the pain

You just can’t escape the pain

14 completely insane and pain-seeking beasts came out to Olympus today to train as if they were seeking approval from the Gods. Even the mighty Hercules would have been smoked after trying to keep up with the Pax today.

The Thang
– SSH x 25/ Jack knife x 20
– CDD x 25
– Monkey Humpers x 25
– Stagger Merkins x 15 right / x 15 left
– Thrusters x 25
– Front Raises x 15

Basket Ball Challenge

Group lines up in straight line with Kettle Bells and Person 1 uses the 60lbs GORUCK sandbag in place of KB. After each rotation, the sandbag moves to the next person. Rinse and Repeat 28 Times

1st person dribbles ball to 2nd goal, dribbles back and must make lay ups in both goals on the way back – Pass the ball to the next person

During Basketball challenge, the Pax performs exercises until shooter returns. Shooter can’t come back until making both baskets (this took several shots since our arms were smoked)
– Burpee Squat Thrusts
– Merkins
– Upright Rows
– Overhead Press
– Tricep Extensions
– Recover / Repeat until each Pax goes twice

Mosey to Field

Round 1 and 2 (perform 2 rounds)
KB Swing x 25
KB Push Press x 10 right arm x 10 left arm
Rack Squats 10right arm x 10 left arm
Run Lap
Rinse and Repeat

Partner Work: Catch me if you can – Partner with KB will do work, then run with Bells – P2 runs ahead to ¼ point on tract

P1 Deep Merkins with KBs x 20; P2 LBC – flapjack until 1 lap completed

P1 Chest Fly with KB x 20 ; P2 Roselita – flapjack until 1 lap completed

P1 Single Arm Curl x 20 ; P2 Mountain Climbers – flapjack until 1 lap completed

TUG OF WAR Team 1 wins both rounds

Team 2 20 Burpee Penalty

Team 1 10 Burpee Reward

Mary – Flutter x 50

Strong work all around. At F3, as I learned from Bananas “you just can’t escape the suck” and that was clearly evident today. This group of men was hard to keep up with as each person was giving it their all.

Welcome Andy Love, FNG (Cupid) as you were Olympus’ second FNG. It was nice to have a new face and hope to see you out at more F3 sites!

After all the bicep work and having to hold on the KB during the Catch Me If You Can’s, it is difficult to type! So sound off in the comment section below! Q’s forearms are smoked!!

T-Claps to Gullah for a strong Co-Q as well! It is an honor to plan these workouts with you and an honor to workout with such amazing individuals.


The Hoff and Gullah

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Pretty Boy Quarterback
Pretty Boy Quarterback
10 years ago

Don’t know that I would have made it through without the Beastie Boys cassette tape blaring on the boom box. #lifesaver

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
10 years ago

Well orchestrated beat down guys. The basket ball games were alot of fun. Great way to keep time. the2 rounds of swings squats and presses with a lap around the track really brought the pain. Then the catch me if you can polished me off. MBLC not to happy cause I was to smoked to do the chores. Chicken Wing locked his keys in the car. Thanks to Gullah he didn’t get left in the parking lot. Oh yeah, guys we need a shovel flag…

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