BLC, is your mother in here?

BLC, is your mother in here?

11 Pax assembled for a complete systematic beat down of every muscle group in the body, or orchestrated by our very own GRT site Q Big League Chew. 

The Pax didn’t know what to expect and as his mini-van rolled into SPEARHEAD, he opened the trunk and started throwing sand bag after sand back (I believe we had 4 total and the lightest one was 40 lbs), 3 kettle bells, several rucks, some clothes, a CD, Boom Box and I think he even had a kitchen sink in there!   Just as we thought things couldn’t get any worse, BTB rolled in and dumped off 3 more logs and 2 ruck sacks, smiled and wished us well and had the look in his eye like he knew what we were about to get into…

“BLC, is your mother in here?” – Culkin quote of the day as he was performing the Clean and Squat with a heavy coupon…the bag was huge and filled with some mystery fillings…

The Thang:

Warm up lap around the track

PAIN Stations   – 30 Minutes straight, no rest

–       Rotations occurred when 1st pain station was complete (fireman’s carry with 2 rucks down field and back)

–       Everyone moved to the right to the next station

Station 1) Fireman Carry 2 Rucks sideline to sideline (53 yards sideline to sideline x 2 =106 yards)

Station 2) Roman Twists with 40lb sandbag

Station 3) Bicep Curl with 2 Rucks

Station 4) Clean and Jerk Press with 60 lbs Sandbag

Station 5) Overhead Axe Chop with Twist 40lbs Sandbag

Station 6) Clean Squat with 80lbs Sandbag

Station 7) Kettle Bell Swing with 55lbs KB

Station 8) Burpee Squat Thrusts with (2) 35lbs KBs)

Station 9) Decline Merkins

Station 10) Dips

Station 11) Step Ups with Ruck

Indian Run BEARCRAWL with all sandbags and 35lbs Kettle Bell – 200 yard (this was horrible as coupons had to be moved while Bear crawling)

Mosey with all coupons to parking lot



Outstanding work today from the Pax.  BLC had Iron Maiden playing the whole time which was a perfect accompaniment for the work we were doing.  The routine was extremely well thought out hitting each muscle group leaving us completely smoked.  BLC is an animal!

BLC even threw in some teachings from the GORUCK trainings…Teamwork is essential.  The 200 yards of Indian run bear crawl with heavy coupons had a learning curve as the Pax really had to come together as a team in order to move down the field.  At first we were all over the place, going in the wrong direction and had some considerable distance between each person.  As a true leader, BLC instructed the Pax to come together as a single unit.  Once we got our bearings down and established how our team was going to accomplish this task, we moved like a well oiled machine.  BLC, even the Cadres would be proud of what you taught us in such a short period of time.  Great teamwork by all…which is a SPEARHEAD staple!  

T-Claps to our 3 FNG’s to SPEARHEAD.  Nice to have new faces out there and we hope to see you all out there again.  In true Freshman fashion, the FNG’s actually volunteered to carry the big log back to the woods after the workout – thank you and way to step up guys. 

On behalf of Big League Chew and the SPEARHEAD clan, thank you for posting with us today. As always it is an honor to be able to work with you all.

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Big League Chew
10 years ago

Awesome job by all. we started out as a bunch of individuals on the bear crawls and became a team moving coupons as one man. I had a blast out there and will whip out that indian run bear crawl with coupons at any time. Everyone stepped up and made it happen. T-claps to Back draft and Chop Saw for coming out to see what all the commotion at SH is about. No we don’t run 4 miles but we like to do alot of unconventional lifting of heavy stuff! #strengthconditioningexplosiveness It was an honor to lead you gentlemen!

10 years ago

SH additional bb story – Sweetness Gets Shakedown by VP Secret Service

1st – BLC Great Q this AM!
After SH this morning, attended a conference at Ballantyne Resort. Unbeknownst to me VP Biden was in town staying at B Resort…As such, a lot of security and car checks, dogs and everything….I, of course, was selected by the Secret Service for the trunk check. Not thinking too much about it, fully brick stocked
GR2 is only thing back there. SS guy rushes to passenger side “Sir, can you can come back here and unzip this backpack?” I open it up and with neatly duct taped package inside I had some splaining to do…..I told him what it was for and he looked at me like I was crazy, “we call ourselves spearhead, it’s really a good time” Fortunately, he believed me and I went on my merry SH way….

Big League Chew
10 years ago

that’s a riot. I guess that’s why the Cadre want us to write our name and address on those bricks….LOL

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