24 degrees of Hydra

24 degrees of Hydra

I realized something today. Free workouts work. Even at sub-freezing, frozen tundra, finger numbing, heart slowing 24 degree temperatures. A great show was put on by the pax who escaped the fartsack and man style posted in the frozen wintry gloom. Not too mention The Hoff who came rucking into Hydra like we were some kind of base camp.

The Thang:

1 Lap

Burpees x 5

1 Lap

Mosey to frozen field for COP:

Side Straddle Hop x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climber x 30

Carolina Dry Dock x 20

Rock Hopper x 10

Partner Up for Prairie Fire Mary Left x 10, Center x 10, Right x 10

Now time for the Pyramid Run (50-yard sprints/runs)

At end of each 50-yard run do the following 4 exercises:

Burpees, Merkins, Heels to Heaven, LBC x5, x10, x15, x20, x15, x10, x5

Those waiting jog in place 1 minute

Those waiting Burpees x 10

Indian Run around Olde Providence School

Back to Field:

Partner Drag There and Back, flapjack as needed

Mosey to Playground and partner up:

Pullups x 10

Old School Situps x 20 (partner plan on feet)

Decline Merkins x 20 (partner plank)

Mosey to COT for 2 minutes of Mary:

Mason/Russion Twists x 20

Flutter Kick x 15

45 minutes of adrenaline rush complete. mission accomplished. Good work fellas.


So the sight to start was worthy of a picture. The breath of every man visible. Those few in shorts, most gloves and hat. Introductions seemed necessary because not only is it dark gloom at 5:20 AM these days, but the winter garb makes us all look like undercover workout artists.

Audible off the bat to get some blood flowing, some laps were ran. Did not originally plan the laps, but man, when the chattering is from teeth banging together and not just yapping, it seemed like the right thing to do. So a couple laps we did…

Even after COP folks were still a bit chilled to core. Enter Pyramid Run and workout game changer. This treat of a workout was instantly welcomed, or at least accepted by the group as an innocent enough exercise. How hard can it be. The idea of 4 exercises pyramiding up to 20 and back down with a tiny 50-yard gallop across the field can’t be that tough. Boy, the grunting and mumblechatter and work put on by the pax over that next 20 minutes was awesome. Work to the core, the bodies finally warmed, and the peak at 20 reps each were accomplished and the ride back down to 15, then 10, then 5 reps was handled. Our business was done.

The Hoff either heard and repeated from another pax or originated from his own brain “This is better than sleeping” at one point through the pain fun. Quote of the morning we will call it. Nice to see you Hoff and everyone should take a crack at the Kettlebell Olympus workout on Saturdays!

In the end, we put in 80 reps each of the 4 exercises during the pyramid run. nice work! And those that did the 10 bonus burpees got themselves to 90, add the 5 we did after the first lap and the five more you do when reading then post, then you have arrived at the century mark for the day. Good job. If you read this and do the 5 burpees, then you gotta reply to this backblast to share it and earn the points brother!

Good work by all, keep coming to Hydra, let’s keep these numbers up there. Let’s not let the cold keep us away. All weather all the time baby! Keep pushing, keep posting, keep getting better.

We had several Hydra newbies today, welcome to Chicken Wing (brought out by The Hoff), Judge Smails, and Ribeye!


3rd F led by Carrier at Atrium uptown Wells Fargo 11:45 AM Thursdays, starting today, come on over if you are uptown.

Tiger Rag is looking for convergence on next Thursday. I think he is doing an F3 Maui tour so he will not be leading, but some of us not travelling need to step up and help lead this band of brothers before we OD on turkey for the day.


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The Hoff
10 years ago

Bug… Now that my hands finally thawed out I’d like to give T-Claps to you for a killer routine!! It’s been 4 months since I’ve been at Hydra (head locked by Spearhead) and I’ve got to say, tough as any other workout I’ve been to. You are an architect of pain brother. Nice work. Triple -T Claps to Chicken Wing. This guy was an FNG Saturday at Olympus, came out for GORUCK training Tuesday with a 45lbs back pack, AND did the extra credit with me with a 45lbs Ruck 1.4 mile ruck into Hydra and crushed it at Hydra and wants more tomorrow and Sat…gotta love the power of F3!!!!

Reply to  Bugeater
10 years ago

Ouch to CW! That field, although it’s million glistening ice crystals reflected beautifully off of the light from my headlamp, was as hard as concrete! The Hoff has it right that you truly are an architect. I began to reflect recently on what makes some workouts better than others. Leadership…of course. The Thang…of course. Location…of course. Fellowship of the pax…of course. How much/how little sleep one got the night before yet still posted…of course. A pre-post run-in to the gloom…of course. But most of all, leaning towards the CSAUP category, is the fact that there’s something that men share when posting in conditions that many others would not even consider. Whether it be too early, too wet, too hot or too cold (ah eghm 24 degrees) there’s a sense of brotherhood, comfort, excitement and drive toward accomplishment that defines each participant at that moment. Moreover, it’s mornings like these that etch indelible memories in each of us that further define the F3 experience for months and years to come. Thanks for a great lead, Bug!

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