21 Degrees

21 Degrees

Posted on behalf of Chipotle:

Waking up on an earlier and freezing November morning to snow on the windshield, 12 men decided not to fart sack.

Warm up:

25x SSH
25 x Imperial Walkers

Mosey in front of firebirds and partner up

Partner 1 (Merkins) while Partner 2 runs about 75 yrds to do 50 squats, switch and perform until combine 200 merkins between partners
Partner 1 (Dips) while partner 2 runs about 75 yards to do 50 LBC, switch and perform until combined 200 dips between partners

Mosey to fountains

Partner 1 (decline merkins) while Partner 2 does 50 bicycles, switch and perform until combine 100 decline between partners
**Started out with 200 combined until audible was called to 100 after hearing grumbling in PAX**

Partner 1 (dips) while Partner 2 does lap around buildings, switch and perform until combine 200 dips between partners

Mosey to side of Regal Cinema for some electric chair 2 x 45 seconds

Short Mosey to do some Mary

10 x J Lo’s (special request from Mic Check)
25 x LBC’s
25 x bicycles
10 merkins


Today was the coldest day in the history of The Maul.  All the PAX were bundled up and ready for what Chipotle had in store.  He proceeded to give us a triceps and chest explosion.  Lots of dips and merkins to keep the blood flowing.

You had to be careful in the mosey to avoid the various icy spots on The Maul cement.   During the workout the sprinklers were going and soaked a number of our cars.  Loogie’s car was covered in a sheet of ice by the time we were done.

For Hops eyes only: Mighty Mite was rocking a classic kids NC State beanie complete with tassles hanging down that looked like pig tails.



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10 years ago

No Moleskine? Weak. Somebody had to have worn or done something noteworthy. The Maul pax is a consistent group…has this strong brotherhood led to not sharing what happened? What happens at The Maul stays at The Maul?
How about a rename for Wingman after he wore his M’s shirt to Foxhole or Bagpipe?
Mic Check?!! Mighty Mite?!!!

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

#Maulskine: (noun)–the Backblast equivalent of a tree falling in the woods and no one being there to hear it.

Mighty Mite
10 years ago

If we are going to be proposing items to the lexicon, I have a new one;

Mic Checking- v. to run with your hands in your trousers in order to keep them warm. You can also perform leg exercises like squats or lunges. Doesn’t work out so well for merkins.

10 years ago

Cute for the hate-hate 27 yr old to be wearing a kids lid….maybe he has some matching mittens you could borrow Mic Check?

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