Eight for 800’s – Nice and Slow

Eight for 800’s – Nice and Slow

The virtual shovel flag was planted and 8 men woke up early for an easy race week Fast Twitch.

The Thang

COP for warm-up

  • SSH X25
  • IW X25
  • LBC X25
  • High flutters X25

Light running – alternate slow 400’s and moderate 800’s with 1-2 minute rest in between each.   We completed 4 sets and had plenty of time for third F.

Line up on goal line

  • Backward run 100 yards
  • Karoke right – 100 yards
  • karoke left – 100 yards
  • Sprint – 100 yards

Lunge walk half way back to parking lot and then mosey

COP – Slow squats in cadence to 6 (slow enough to burn)


Nake Moleskin

Small group this am as some must have started to taper for Saturday a little early.   We went nice and slow which was a pleasant change (and will not happen again for a long time as the Q does not plan to run another half marathon but rather switch back to Spartan Beast in the future)

Soul Glow was donning the brightest tobaggan I have ever seen.  No need for a head lamp with that beacon on your noggin. Frasier was once again out front but he did dial it back a bit this am.  Too many Hates (was I the only one over 40) so I laid low in the COT.

Need some new Q’s for Fast Twitch.  Reach out to Turkey Leg after he recovers from the Avian Flu or whatever bug he caught from his 2.0.  Hope your back to full strength by Saturday TL.

Only announcment is reminder to sign up for Spring Mud Run soon.

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