A Deadly Duo on Q tomorrow at The Charge

A Deadly Duo on Q tomorrow at The Charge

Not since “Ace and Gary” has there been a better pairing than tomorrow’s Q’s at the Providence Day School stadium as Double D’s and Bulldog head up “The Charge.” With temps forecast to be in the 20’s a spandex suit may actually be a good call at 0530 hours. Last week the Area 51 pax questioned the luxurious facilities at PDS and attempted to rename this workout “The Spa” but there will be nothing fancy about this doozy of a workout. Bleachers, burpees, and big bollocks will be the name of the game. The question we are asking is who can handle it? The Men of Metro of the Athletes of Area 51…we shall see!

See you at the heated track where hot tea and crumpets will be served at 0515 – Double D’s and Bulldog

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10 years ago

I will be there and I’ll try not to spill anything on the turf.

Can we do the burpees with extended pinky fingers for flair?

If you knew how far out in the woods I grew up you would laugh.

– Horsehead

The Hoff
10 years ago

Wish I could be there tomorrow guys, but the wife is doing yoga at PDS tomorrow morning, and also coming out to take photos of you all out there, so I’ve got to take care of my son. Next week it’s on Mates!

10 years ago

In. The Spa should be nice on a cold autumn morn with our ambiguously accented co-Qs. Wait a minute? Horsehead? Chargers? Coincidence?

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