“Fancy leading Kevlar next week?”  This is apparently how they speak across the pond and probably not an insignificant contributor to why they got kicked in the bollocks by a bunch of pilgrims some time back.  So while Bulldog gets bladdered pounding mojitos on his Euro-coddled fourth vacation this year, sixteen hard-working ‘Mericans moved stone and steel.  Nothing fancy about it.

Or fun, either.  It was supposed to be a #FunFriday workout but things got sideways yesterday while preparing the elaborate Weinke, so we’ll just save that one for another time.  Plan B was perhaps too predictable: I am becoming to plates what Gallagher is to watermelons….

First, though, we made fun of Semi-Gloss’s outfit, then agitated the fleshy parts with SSH, I-Walkers and slow squats.  Threw some ninja-like jump and turn squats in there just for for kicks, then moseyed to rock piles for, as one would expect, a rock.  Not for running but of sufficient size for curls and such.  Most pax chose a respectably sized stone.  Others, not so much….And with that we enter the portion of the backblast where we mock and deride the pax who chose rather modest portions of the earth’s crust.  Brown and Frost Bite:  you are hereby mocked and derided in a transparent attempt to boost our tenuous masculinity. 

Back to the action–with rocks in hand we did 3 rounds of curls and extensions:

  • Standard x 30 sec
  • AMRAP Speed round x 30 sec
  • Static hold x 30 sec

Mixed in some merkins between rounds. 

With bis and tris thus engorged, we moved to your basic hairburner progression:  Two or three pax per station–out and back x3.  Like burpees and tractable urination, hairburners do not get easier over time.  Horse Head found himself feeding the baby birds in the grass and poor Silver Bullet–on his second time posting, he’s gotten hairburners as many times.  Unfortunate, that.  Meanwhile, Radar, Spackler, Swiss Miss and others were flying.  I think Brown had the 5 pound plates.

Followed up with inch worms (each pax x 2) and rock work, then more hairburners (out and back x 3).  Returned rocks, circled up for stop motion flutter and dolly, then called it a day.  It was a pleasure.


MUD RUN  – You have until Nov. 13–this coming Wednesday–to sign up for the spring Mud Run.  Two important things to note:

__You need to sign up through the form on the F3 site:  Do that now.  Do not wait.

__Even if you don’t have a team, SIGN UP NOW.  You will have time to get a team together with the same goals and like abdominal profiles.

FOX AND HOUND  The #Dancin’Nebraskan has put together another great 2nd F opportunity watching the Panthers this Sunday at the Fox and the Hound in Ballantyne, from 3 pm until…  2.0’s are not unwelcome just use discretion, as ale-fueled men may be prone to spontaneous outbursts of profanity.  

JAN 4 CONVERGENCE AND 5K  51 and others will converge on The Fort Saturday, Jan 4, and run the 5k at 9am.  Details and sign up here:


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Hair Band
10 years ago

Not gonna lie, legs almost gave out on me walking my rock back at the end. I did not enjoy going up and down my stairs when I got home either. Great job on Q!

BTW nice Johnny Dangerously mention above.

10 years ago

I suppose that my first puking event warrants my first post. Funny . . . Fancy is not how I was feeling towards the end. I was doing just fine w/ the hairburners when all of a sudden the overwhelming urge to go #3 overtook me. Took me a few mins of seeing double in the grass to recover from that, but I did manage a couple of halfhearted runs with smelly breath at the end.

I’m not sure if anyone else was still doing the hairburners at that time though . . . for all I know school was letting in and I’ll be getting a call from Mr. Dillon tomorrow for scaring the kids.

Peanut butter sandwich w/ tea chaser at 11PM – good call . . .

Thanks for leading this AM. This marks my 2nd month and I’m having a good time out here.

Hair Band
Reply to  Horsehead
10 years ago

Welcome to the forums Horsehead.

See you tomorrow at Outland, and hopefully no spilling merlot.

10 years ago

TR I can always rely on you to put in a good shift and also write a top notch backblast! Even though you were 6th on my list to fancy Q’ing Kevlar I’m glad the boys got their money’s worth. Sounds like Horse Head did for sure with the merlot spill!

10 years ago

Don’t hate because my pipes make any one rock look small compared to the other noodle arm pax glistening in the moonlight! Small plate, big plate, two plates, whatever! Hair burners over burpees any day, while keeping the merlot from bubbling to the surface! Oh, thanks for the no running!

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