The Charge is magnetic

The Charge is magnetic

25 fine gents (including 3 FNG’s) signed their lives away and then ventured out to the launch of The Charge held this morning at the Providence Day Stadium. With Double D’s at the helm the pax were treated to a great workout with something for everyone.


Mosey around track and circle up.
SSH x 23
10 burpees
Seal jacks x 20
9 burpees
Imperial walkers x 20
8 burpees
Peter Parker’s x 15
7 burpees
Parker Peters x 15
6 burpees
Mountain climbers x 20
5 burpees
Diamond merkins x 10
4 burpees
Wide arm merkins x 10
3 burpees
LBCs x 20
2 burpees
Jump squats x 15
1 burpee

Mosey to bleachers
30 tricep dips
20 decline merkins
15 LBCs

Repeato and drop each rep by 5

Repeato again and drop each rep by 5

Mosey to track and partner up
Partner 1 sprint 100 yards do 10 merkins and sprint back
Partner 2 bear crawl to 20 yard line/backwards bear crawl back
Partner 1 sprint to 50 yard line do 10 merkins and sprint back
Partner 2 crab walk to 10 hard line and back
Partner 1 sprint to 100 yard line do 10 merkins and sprint back.
Partner 2 dragon walk to 10 yard line and back

In 3s and grab frisbee. Hairburner with. frisbee to 20 yard line. Repeat to 50



The launch of The Charge saw a great turnout under the Q of Double D’s who is in the business of shaping champions. Our “coach of the year” whipped the pax into shape, so much so, that Five Hole spilled some merlot even in the warm up! Spackler also came close to losing his cornflakes too during the frisbee hair burners.
Great work by all and we hope to see more fellas from metro and Area 51 in the weeks to come.

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10 years ago

Great site. Great work out. I’ve not been broken yet. But it will happen. #merlot

The Hoff
10 years ago

Second that…What a killer site and excellent work Q. I am beginning to think DD is a robot since he called out all that work in cadence without even taking a deep breath #androidpower. Those hair burners were tough. Looking forward to more beatdowns out there!

10 years ago

#TClaps on a great launch.

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