Deadly combos at Kevlar

Deadly combos at Kevlar

Some deadly combinations were the order of the day at Kevlar on a balmy morning where no ear muffs or arm tights were needed.


Mosey to lot
SSH x 23
IW x 17
Merkins x 18
Burpees x 10
Diamond merkins x 8
Burpees x 9
Squats x 15
Burpees x 8
Wide arm merkins x 10
Burpees x 7
Lunges x 12
Burpees x 6
Dry docks x 10
Burpees x 5
Tricep extensions x 8 each arm
Burpees x 4
Stagger merkins x 5 each side
Burpees x 3
Military merkins x 10
Burpees x 2
Cant remember (O2 deprivation)
Burpees x 1 dozen

Hills with jump squats at bottom and Turkish get ups at top x 8 and work down to 0.

Mosey to soccer field and partner up.

Partner 1 plank with legs on tire and lift legs alternately as partner sprints – 100 total reps combined.
Partner 1 decline merkins with feet on tire as partner sprints – 80 total reps combined.
Partner 1 dry docks as partner sprints – 65 total reps combined.
Partner 1 squats with tire overhead while partner sprints – 50 total reps combined.
Partner 1 plank to elbows and up to plank with feet on tire while partner sprints – 100 total elbow touches.




After a great week of F3 workouts it was time to step up the game to finish the week in style at Kevlar. Deadly combos were the name of the game with the merkin/burpee combo warm up, the squat jump (or jump squat)/Turkish get up combo on the hills, finished off with the tire/sprint combo as the finisher.
Not much time to chatter this morning as we got right into it after a few of the old chestnuts to get the body moving. The O2 deprivation almost caused YHC to forget the next exercise 3/4 of the way down the burpee ladder. Only ALF seemed to have the lungs to keep the counts going in the warm up with all eyes on Bananas’ merkin form or lack thereof. Apparently with the Q facing the other way Header was just planking it up during the push-o-rama which he must have learned during his Go Ruck training (if you’re not cheating you’re not trying.)
Clowncar and PBQB were certainly trying to find their lungs again after many weeks of fartsacking but they pulled through and it was good seeing the old faithful. Shout out also to Tommy Boy who,as the War Daddy, continues to impress week in and week out.
A pleasure taking the lead again this morning lads and have a great weekend.


Saturday workouts as scheduled with the new KB Olympus workout at Elizabeth Lane tomorrow at 7am lead by Gullah and The Hoff.

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10 years ago

Bulldog, that’s a lot more merkins than I wanted to fake after a long night of handing out candy. Good job.

Pretty Boy Quarterback
Pretty Boy Quarterback
10 years ago

If only my lungs would expand at the same rate the Halloween candy is making my stomach expand, I’d be okay.

Good Q Bulldog!

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