Who Ordered The Krispy Kremes?

Who Ordered The Krispy Kremes?

15 faithful rose from their “deads” to shop for downPAINment at the Maul.

Mighty Mite arrived clean shaven and perplexed asking who stole his facial hair when Hops shamelessly admitted to this thievery wearing his pre Halloween bearded mask.

The Thang:

  • COP- SSHx25
  • Merkins x20
  • Mountain Climbers X15
  • IW x20 to warm up

Mosey to the fountain to partner up for a hearty breakfast of Burpee sandwiches:

  • First Partner: 5 burpees, 20 dips, 5 burpees plank when done
  • Partner 2: jog around one building increasing speed each turn, flapjack
  •  Round 2: 5 burpees, 20 derkins, 5 burpees while partner runs around 2 buildings, flapjack
  • On your back for 6 inches until everyone is done, threw in a little protractor just because
  •  Round 3: 5 burpees, 20 dry docks, 5 burpees, partner runs, flapjack, plank until all done
  •  Finish with 10 diamond pushups and 10 jump ups

Mosey to the speed bumps behind Target:

  •  Bearcrawl to first speed bump for one leg squats x10, bearcrawl to second speed bump for opposite leg squats x10, bearcrawl to third speedbump for 10 slow deep squats plank
  •  Turn around and come back with lunges in between speed bumps and single leg plyo squats (squat then jump and land softly), and squat jumps X10 to finish.

**It was on the way back when the morning krispy crème delivery truck drove through that Q almost called an audible to flip the truck over and spend the rest of the workout eating said donuts, alas we decided to press on and finish strong***

Mosey to wall for people’s chair with 40 shoulder presses.

Repeat but this time 6 inches deeper on the people’s chair (ouch)

Hand off to Mic Check for a little Mary

  • Mason twist
  • Flutter
  • Dolly
  • Some JLo to finish out this workout, and the PAX all finished strong.


T-Claps for Philmont who turned FOOORTY FIIIIVE! on Sunday, happy belated.

Always an honor to lead at the Maul

Fish Taco

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10 years ago

Good workout, and no one seemed to notice i rolled in late to the fountain. Why do i hate bear crawls so much?

Reply to  Wingman
10 years ago

LIFO indeed for Wingman….stealthy as well. My beard was mentioned in the BB, but yours is close to having its own zip code #substantialpelt Did you say you were going as Mr. Wuf for Halloween with your 2.0’s?

Yeah…bear crawls are painful on broken asphalt without gloves…not to mention some broken glass back there behind the Teeter…thank you very little FT

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