Running Around With Some 40’s…

Running Around With Some 40’s…

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–Posted on bahalf of Snakebite–

Shovel flag was planted and 30 fine men posted for a morning into the gloom at Death Valley.  Little did the PAX know we’d just run around with 40’s.

Jog to football field and circle up on the 40 yard line.


SSH – x 20 (4 ct)

Merkin – x10 (2 ct)

IW – x 20 (4 ct)

Merkin – x 10 (2 ct)

Squats – x 20 (4 ct)

Merkin – x 10 (2 ct)

LBC – x 20 (4 ct)

Merkin – x 10 (2 ct)

Mosey to track for 60% run 2/3 around track, line up on goal line.

Sprinting Jack Webb’s:

1 x 4 Jack Webb, Run to 40 yard line

Repeat to 10 x 40, running back and forth

End at Goal line

Mosey to track for 60% run ½ around track, line up at 40 yard line

Minute Burpees:

10 burpees in a minute, rest when complete – 4 minutes

Count off by twos and mosey to track for ½ lap at 60%.  Line up on the sideline at the 40

Racing Tunnels of Love:

Break up in teams (1 or 2) and plank up high.  Race the tunnel to other sideline

Jog to track for ¾ lap run at 60%

Jog to bathrooms for some peoples chair and balls to the wall

Mosey to parking lot

5 MOM –

Dolly – x 20

Flutter – x 20



Russian Twist – x 20



I would like to thank the PAX for sharing my second Q and 40th birthday with me this morning.  It was truly an honor to lead you men.

I followed Stone Cold’s example by not announcing my birthday to avoid the 40 burpees OYO.  I’ll make them up at some point.  Most everything this morning was based on 40, a theme I swore would get picked up early by the PAX.  Thanks to Bulldog for donning the searchlight to light up YHC.

Strong work by all today.  Breaks were held to a minimum this morning in an effort to keep us all moving and motivated throughout.   Still had some #mumblechatter at the start but it quickly dissipated when the sprinting Webb got under way.   Hope you all liked that one!

Again, thanks to all for allowing me to lead and joining me out in the gloom!


Wednesday 11/6 launch of The Charge at Providence Day School – Boot camp at football field near bleachers.  Bulldog and Double D’s on Q.

Mud Run in Spring 2014 – Signups still available with Stage Coach

3 Pack of headlamps (with batteries) available at Costco for $7.99

HDHH tonight – 6pm at The Lodge

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10 years ago

Great lead there Snakebite! Happy birthday you old geezer!!!

Cheese Curd
Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

With all of the talking you were doing today, one might have thought you were singing Snake Bite Happy Birthday…the entire workout. #chattykathy

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