He missed it – And we ran.

He missed it – And we ran.

9 pax endured another smoke boot filled workout but there was a hitch.  A field goal contest was thrown into the mix.  Wait, we run regardless of whether we make it or not?  This is #F3FastTwitch.

The Thang

Warm up – 1 mile jog (7:20 pace)

SSH x 15

IW x 15

Mosey back to track

In groups of 2 – 100 yard sprints on track – rest 30 seconds X 12

Field Goal Challenge

Most pax got an attempt to try and make a 24 yard FG from the left hash mark.

Made FG – 120 yard gasser x 2 followed by 50 LBC

Missed FG – sprint 800 meters (2x around track – this got modified to 1x)

We were 1-8 from 24.  #chokers



Great job by all the pax today.  QIC decided to take a page out of Sprague’s book with the 100 yard sprints following warm up.  You are welcome.  #gassed

Read about the FG idea in a Joust backblast a few weeks back and thought it definitely needed to come back out.  Why only a 24 yard field goal you say?  Let’s just say the Mizzou kicker would like another shot as well after hitting the left upright for a choke on Sat night in front of his home crowd.  Will also say that YHC thought it would be easy.  What did he do?  Off the left upright.  So the laps began pretty quickly and often – we had to modify down to 1 lap due to time constraints (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it).  YHC wasn’t the only one with a poor effort on the FG attempt and it was abundantly clear we were all a little rusty.  However, t-claps to Frasier for placing one right down the gut.  Never thought we’d be so excited for 120 yard gassers.

Total mileage – 4 miles

Always enjoy the feeling following a good Fast Twitch work out.


11/10 – Panther’s Football Party at Fox and Hound – Sign up on Evite
12/7 – Holiday Party
1/4/14 – Convergence and 5k Run.


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Purple Haze
10 years ago

Spack, you turned to look at me on my approach to the football and your headlamp blinded me, resulting in a complete shank. That’s my story.

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