Devil’s Quarter

Devil’s Quarter

Dora preblasted this morning’s extra credit event warning the pax not to show up or they’d regret it. Angler and Culkin HC’d anyway, but common sense must have gotten the better of them this morning as they wisely chose to remain safe in the f-sack.

Obviously the rest of us are stupid.


1 mile ruck run
360 yard bear crawl under ruck
1/4 mile ruck run
1/4 mile front ruck carry
1/4 mile ruck run
120 yard lunge walk under ruck
3/4 mile ruck run


We didn’t do a lot, but we did a lot of what we did. Devil’s Quarter is an abbreviated version of the Devil’s Mile introduced to me by Sherpa. Most of it fit into the hour, but we needed an extra 30 minutes to do it justice, as we left out 120 yards of bear crawl, 360 yards of lunge walk, and 1/4 mile of burpee broad jumps…seriously, 1/4 mile. Next time. 🙂

Ruck runs are to be taken with a high degree of caution as they put more than usual amounts of stress on the lower joints. Pax were reminded of the disclaimer and that the purpose of a SPEARHEAD workout is to hurt, but not to get hurt. Modify as necessary.

Huge congrats to Checkpoint who earned his SPEARHEAD patch today! He also has the most posts for the month so far AND he completed #GRC815 a week ago. Proud to be part of your team, brother.

Just don’t quit. Don’t quit on your team, don’t quit on your teammate, and don’t quit on yourself. Just keep going. Bob The Builder and Liquorcycle were the living examples of ‘don’t quit’ this morning. 360 yards of bear crawls were brutal and painful and never-ending, but they completed the work. Running on shin splints is excruciating, but they completed the work. We started and finished as a team. I’d follow any of you guys anywhere, because I want to be on your team.

By The Standard,

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BTB (Bob The Builder)
BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Thanks for leading, Dora. That was pretty miserable. This was my first SPEARHEAD post after a long hiatus full of travel, calories, and bad choices. Thanks for breaking me back in.

Those bear crawls sucked. I only bear crawled probably 50% of the time. Yes – this bear has knees.

Congratulations to Checkpoint. Despite getting beat down at GRC 815, he continues to post strong and earn his SPEARHEAD patch. Wear it proud, brother!

10 years ago

Congrats Checkpoint! Sorry I missed it but due to unforeseen conditions, I did not have time to get to Carmel at 5:15 but did post at CORE – Selwyn Elementary at 5:30 – less travel time and later start. Strong workout sans ruck.

The Hoff
10 years ago

You guys killed it out there today! My excuse was 1,235 reps at Skunkworks (mostly with a Kettle Bell), but Culkin’s excuse was his pillow! lol!

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