Old Spice Loop

Old Spice Loop



With Honey Bee out of town and in need of a volunteer, YHC decided it was time to step up and hive leading a try. With the caveat that YHC’s “tempo pace” may more closely resembles many of the PAX “fellowship pace,” volunteer was accepted by Honey Bee.
The Thang
Having run countless miles through Piper Glen and Raintree over the years, YHC felt confident that a 6 mile route known as the “Old Spice Loop” would prove challenging and be a great training run for those prepping for Thunder Road.
Not sure it proved challenging, however, except for YHC and halfway through I recalled that I was in the company of BRR vets, including one “mountain goat!”
The Thang
At 5:15, we gathered and launched into the unseasonably chilly gloom. YHC was intentionally vague on directions for the first half of of the route hoping strategically to harness the reins of the faster PAX.
YHC ran the first 3 miles at his “tempo pace.” This allowed for some good 2nd F surrounding F3, the weather and upcoming plans for Thunder Road.
At about Mile 1.5, Mighty Mite asked why we I called it the Old Spice Loop and I explained that in the middle of the run, we would be doing a little 0.6 mile loop off the beaten path called Old Spice in Raintree that should prove to be a challenge midway in the run. As we approached this section, I asked for a little extra effort. The boys responded and I got more than I bargained for as I began barking the directions louder from the back. The Boys were in familiar territory as we started back to the barn and I can proudly say that, in true F3 form, they opened the throttle up and continued that extra effort all the way back.
Not sure what everyone’s pace was but I brought up the rear averaging 8:03, meaning average for the group had a 7 handle with it.
A very impressive run and effort by all this morning and all look soundly prepared to dominate at Thunder Road.
I am grateful for the privilege of  leading these strong men today.
If you like to run, give Devil’s Turn a try.

Haggis is the fastest person I know with an ongoing “IT band injury.” Apparently, speed and hills help the healing.
I need to write raving reviews for Turkey Leg’s headlamp and vest. I can testify that the rear red blinkies are visible from a long distance away! Safety first. #blackdiamond #amphipod
YHC was in such oxygen debt post run that he accidentally tweeted and referenced Fast Twitch instead of Devil’s Turn. Aye! #rookie #feltlikefasttwitch

Mighty Mite found a golf ball on the way back.
MM mentioned a New workout we need to support(Olympus, Gear Workout at Elizabeth Lane Elementary on Saturdays at 7).
Convergence-Joe Davis 5k Jan. 4
Panther viewing party(Nov 10)
MCM tribute workout(Nov 10)
TR Christmas party(Dec 7)
Mud Run(Email Stagecoach if you want to HC)


-Posted on behalf of Rock Thrill

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The Hoff
10 years ago

T-Claps and appreciation to MM for the Olympus plug! Gullah and I have a few special things planned to bring the Pain, throw around a lot of weight, rocking tunes and a physical team challenge at the end. Should be fun!

The Hoff
10 years ago

One more thing…GRC 815 literally passed by MM on Saturday morning as he was loading stuff into the back of an SUV…really cool to see a fellow GRT while on the Ruck! Next time, MM throw your ruck on and join us 🙂

10 years ago

is my hero. Not ashamed to say that. Scottish Bastard.

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