It’s About How You Finish

It’s About How You Finish

30 men gathered under the lights of the South Charlotte Middle School parking lot awaiting the latest trip down into the real Death Valley.  According to the #MadHatter, it’s where dreams go to die…for us, it is at least where we go to work out hard for 45 minutes.  The temperature was perfect, with just enough chill in the air to have the Pax eager for the start.  Off we went at 0530.

The Thang

Mosey down into the Valley for a warmup lap around the track (no clipboarders, just us)

Circle up around mid-field for some COP:

  • Diamond Merkins (total confusion among the Pax) – 15 cadence
  • SSHs (ahh, now we can begin) – 20 cadence
  • Wide-Arm Merkins – 15 cadence
  • IWs (wheelhouse) – 20 cadence
  • Narrow Merkins – 15 cadence
  • Squats – 20 cadence
  • Merkins – 15 cadence
  • Peter Parkers – 20 cadence
  • Mission Impossible

Line-up on the line along the goal post for some exercises and sprints:

  • 20 Jump Squats, sprint to the opposite goal post, 20 Jump Squats, sprint back
  • Plank on the end line. Bear Crawl 10 yards to the goal line, Backward Bear Crawl back
  • Repeat above but with the following exercises: 20 Merkins, 20 Jumping Lunges, 20 CDDs, 20 Squats and 20 Flutter Kicks

Back to mid-field and circle up for the finish:

  • LBCs – 20 cadence
  • 10 x 10 – 10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes

Mosey back to the parking lot…a little bit of time left:  Dollies – 20 cadence


Naked Moleskin

  • In the wait before the workout, Tiger Rag, as part of his personal mission to eradicate long-sleeves from any Area51 workout, threatened to go skins while chastising Stagecoach for his Under Armour cold gear.  TR was wearing his pre-game fleece at the time.
  • We launched into what YHC thought would be the complete darkness of the #F3DeathValley field.  But with Bulldog’s headlamp, which YHC believes is simply a KC Hilite sewn into an old Wilson headband, there was plenty of light out there.  YHC was blinded a couple times as Bulldog checked to make sure appropriate form was being applied during the COP merkins.
  • There was complete confusion and borderline mutiny when YHC called for the first exercise…diamond merkins.  #Mumblechatter of that’s not how we roll at #F3DeathValley were heard.  We did side straddle hops immediately following…and all was right in the world again.
  • O2 was in short supply this AM during the exercise-sprint-exercise-sprint-bear crawl-backward bear crawl part of the workout.  Some planks and 10 counts were called…more for YHC’s benefit that anyone else in particular.
  • The mumbled suggestion for burpees from someone close by was heard loud and clear by YHC…so we ended the workout with a little 10×10.  10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes…100 burpees in 10 minutes.  The first 20-30 second rest seems to take a while…but after that, the recovery time goes fast.  There were some complaints about YHC’s timing…guess the Ironman watch needs to recalibrated.
  • We finished strong today! Solid effort by the men of #F3DeathValley.  Stagecoach, thanks for giving me the reins.


  • Check out the 3rdF opportunities: Aftermath on Wednesdays at Greenway Starbucks, Yardstick on Thursdays at SouthPark Panera, Compass on Fridays at the Arbo Chick-Fil-A and The Stand on Fridays at the Carmel/51 Panera.
  • MudRun sign-ups are happening now!  See Stagecoach.
  • Convergence / 5k on 1-4-14 in support of Rock Thrill and his family.  Info here:  Sign up now.  Smoke Boot award will be on the line.
  • USMC birthday convergence on 11/10:
  • 2ndF Panther Football watching party on 11/10 at Fox & Hound – Ballantyne
  • Christmas Party on 12/7 at TR’s house.  See the Evite.



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10 years ago

Excellent lead Haze! Great to see all of the pax pushing each other during the seemingly endless sprintfest and burpeethon. If it wasn’t for Bulldog’s spotlight I may have blacked out around the 8th minute of 10 burpees/min.

10 years ago

Just the workout I needed after Fast Twitch yesterday………

10 years ago

Pretty sure Fireman Ed was spilling merlot in COP after the first set of diamond merkins…at least verping a bit.
The 10×10 burpee closer was excruciating…almost had to ask Yo Yo Ma to peel me up off the turf during the last few sets. Do burpees ever get easier?!!
While Phil Collins claims “Sussudio” really has no meaning as a word, TR claims it means a British-born pax member who wears a workout Snuggie (See this week’s Skunkworks BB for more on F3 fashion do’s & don’ts.
Solid pain-filled regimen PH….thank you very little.

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