Jumping Rope While Dogging Cars

Jumping Rope While Dogging Cars

23 men, all accounted for, rolled into Charlotte Catholic HS to find the Q had some implements to help with the weekend downpainment.

The Thang:

Grap either a jump rope or bricks and jog to parking lot for warm up

  • SSH X25
  • 5 burpees
  • Merkins X20
  • 10 burpees
  • Squats X20
  • 15 burpees
  • LBC X20
  • 10 burpees
  • Mtn Climbers X20
  • 5 burpees

Jog to bottom of Little Ave.  Pax with jump ropes start jumping while Pax with bricks run to top of Little Ave and back while watching out for cars – busiest road in Charlotte at 5:45am.  Flap-jack and repeat for two rounds.

Jog to school entrace for some alternating jumping rope and circuit work.   Bear crawl/lunge walk up ramp, crap walk down patio, balls to the wall walk.  Flap jack with jump ropers.   Short plank while PAX finished up.

Jog to parking lot for some jump rope and sprint work.   Partner 1 sprints down to light pole with bricks and back while partner 2 jumps rope.  Switch and then repeat, increasing each round to next light pole for a total of four rounds (parking lot is longer than it appears in the mirror).

A few minutes of mary (all X20) – Flutter, Dolly, High Flutter, Rosalita


Naked Moleskin

Q figured it would be a nice mix to have bricks and jump rope given the comments about the bricks from my last outing.   The pax can blame my ten year older daughter – she loaded the bricks in my truck last night with a wicked smile on her face.

I don’t think the picture I found is Runstopper but can someone confirm.    His son was skipping rope much faster than pops but the picture is of a much older man.

Centurion is becoming the young man’s hang-out.  Even with WD MY Shirona in the pax we still had an average age under 40.   Just glad he keeps showing up.  However, I’m getting hoarse from yelling hate during COT.

Abacus must have done an extra round of the sprints since a Chepul never comes in last.  That or he just picked the wrong partner.

Shout out to Stoli for making the long drive down from North Country.   He has been a great co-worker for two years as you cannot find a more dedicated and hard working individual.   Typical F3 man.   My company will miss him but I’m glad he has an opporunity to advance at employer that is much closer to his home.

Thanks to Hops for taking us out

Watch out for announcement on upcoming 5k race and convergence in Fort Mill.  Rock Thrill is the Q (I guess)

Tutoring continues at Billingsville and AG Middle School

Purple Haze continues to lead some 2nd and 3rd F at Panera after Centurion every Friday

Need some new Q’s for Centurion.  Time for some Hates/Hate Hates to step up.


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10 years ago

I’ve had the crap walks twice: once back in 96, after a bad plate of popcorn shrimp at Captain D’s and again at the Circle K during the BRR. Don’t wish that on anyone.

10 years ago

Had a great partner for the partner sprints. We were pacing ourselves. #nopaxleftbehind. Wily vets. And I’m pretty sure I did not perform any crap walks (unless that’s what you call a crab walk with two stone pavers on your stomach) and I wasn’t dogging any cars.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
10 years ago

Two, no three corrections
1. Ninja turtle was not jumping faster than his old man. It’s physically impossible since I’m in his head and will beat his ass if I find that he beat me at anything.
2. Crap walk is real and a part of every workout I have Q’d since I was ninja turtles age.
3. Correction on number 1. I haven’t laid a hand on my son for at least 10 hours since we finished the workout this morning.

10 years ago

How does one dogg a car?

10 years ago

Chelms, great lead. Glad I made the journey from Highlands on a great Friday morning. Appreciate your leadership both in and out of F3. You well represent what we stand for.

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