¡En Fiero!

¡En Fiero!

14 men showed what they are made of, then left.

The Thang:

Mosey to Soccer Field
SSH x 30
ARM CIRCLES x 10 each way
IWs x 31
Maktar Jai x 20

Indian Run to Football Field

PARTNER-UP (Size mattered this morning)
P1 Star Jumps & P2 runs 20 yds-return
P1 Hand Release Merkins P2 runs 40 yds-return
P1 Slow Good Mornings P2 runs 60 yds-return
P1 Low Squat Jump Turns P2 runs 80 yds-return
P1 Burpees P2 runs 100 yds-return

Plank until all complete

PARTNER CARRY (Crowd Pleaser)
Partner carries to 20 yds
10 burpees when complete
Partner carries to 40 yds
10 burpees when complete
Partner carries to 60 yds
10 burpees when complete
Partner carries to 80 yds
10 burpees when complete
Partner carries to 100 yds
10 burpees when complete

Plank until all complete
FNG, Muffler, gave a ten count

Partner OVER/UNDER X15
Partner BTB squats x15
Partner Hand Slap Merkins x20
Repeato x 2

Skywalker gave us a 30 count in preparation for what was to come…

Jack Webb 10&40 in cadence…VERY STRONG

Mosey to front parking lot
Runstopper Audible to Plank until all arrive…nice


The Naked Moleskin:

The pax was en fiero this morning! From Ninja Turtle to Greyhound, and all in between, it was obvious that each came to improve himself today. Nice teamwork on the Over-Unders after an exhausting partner carry of 300 yards…with 50 Burpees, total, thrown-in between each leg.

It is sometimes difficult to explain the intense atmosphere that often exists from one posting to another. You guys were great…especially during the JW! Awesome commitment to yourself and to your fellow pax! YHC wishes to thank Bugeater @JasonHilliard for inspiring the partner carries as a tribute to the 36th obstacle of The Mud Run and for inviting him to Q, @Skywalker_F3 for his Pre-Thang BOM touch, Runstopper @CarrySwan for his contagious love of the JW, Greyhound for partnering today, Muffler for joining us and for eventually adjusting his cadence of his first ten-count, @MallCop_F3 for the Hand-Release Merkin idea, and all who posted for their individual contributions today. Never lose sight of the impact each man has on another…outside of himself.


HDHH Wednesdays at The Lodge…Contact Bugeater for more information at Jasonhilliard@gmail.com or @jasonhilliard

Rock Thrills family hosts 5k in January. More to follow. Should be a big F3 showing.

Spring Mud Run Registration DUE NOVEMBER 1st. Get with Stage Coach. @Stagecoach_F3 OR tj.zitney@gmail.com


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10 years ago

Correction: @Stagecoach_F3 is A51 Q for the spring Mud Run.

10 years ago

“Never lose sight of the impact each man has on another…outside of himself.” Brother, those are great words. And you are so correct.
This was an awesome, and hard, workout for my FNG post at Hydra. But in knowing a little about Hydra’s reputation, I expected no less.
T-claps to my partner, Bugeater, who pushed himself and pushed me. #Great2ndFTime

And Greyhound, 73 years old?? Come on, has someone actually looked at his birth certificate? I have never seen a 73 yr old guy workout the way Greyhound did today. T-claps to you, Brother.

And Cottonmouth, great opening prayer to begin the workout. After giving you a little grief about your #Weinke, after seeing all that you had planned for the Pax, I now understand why your wrote it down! Thanks for the strong lead.

High Tide
10 years ago

Looks like I missed a good workout today. Strong work, guys!

I’ll also admit to using a #Weinke occasionally…on every occasion that I Q! When I get O2 deprived, I can’t remember Jack (Webb)! (and, no, I can’t remember much when I’m not O2 deprived…)

10 years ago

Late getting to this chatter, but it is good and worth jumping on. Skywalker, great and strong work Thursday. We were truly working in full gloom. Every man exhausted, every man battling. That was a great lead and preparation Cottonmouth. When the pax gets that spent, sign of phenomenal Q. Hard but tolerable and room for pax to modify when needed. Perfect. Lets keep Hydra tradition going. Come back skywalker, more good times to come. Greyhound is amazing. Talked about fittin into some old blue jeans again. I figured those jeans may be older than half the pax. Ha ha. Just poking greyhound. I know you have not missed one hydra since you first posted. Major war daddy award is yours to lose.

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