Math 101

Math 101

28 DMZ warriors got after it in the Monday gloom

The Thang:
Run to Carmel Middle for warm up
SSHx35 (Panthers score), Mountain Climbers x15, Merkins x15, Imperial Walkers x20

Run to football field
Run to the 20, the 50, the 20, the end with Merkins x15 at each stop. Full field run back.
Repeat with LBC x15
Repeat with Diamonds x7
Repeat with Wide Arms x10

Mosey to the hill
7s with Squats at the bottom, Burpees at the top
Prisoners chair
Low Slow Flutter x20, Russian Twist x 15

Run to church
Dipsx20, Decline Merkinsx15, Dipsx10, Carolina Dry Dock x15
Step ups x20 each leg
Protractor, Dolly x20


– Some comments about too much math and counting, especially on a Monday. Just a pain distraction.
– A couple of 2.0s, Ninja Turtle and Sledge, working strong. I should have asked NT to lead us in some wrestling drills, like the SPRAWL. No math involved.
– Gunny will lead the Marine Corp Anniversary workout on Sunday 11/10.
– Good to see the fellow Mud Runners shaking off the flesh wounds. Hurtin’ for Certain.
– Congrats to the Chicago Marathon racers, safe travels home.

Thank you for the honor to lead you men this morning.


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