RR Crossing

RR Crossing

Six insane pax for extra credit of heavy ruck this morning at SPEARHEAD

The Thang

Distance: 4.13 Miles with Coupons: RR Tie (half of one), Big Log, & one Rock

STOP 1 (Mile 1): Sharon at Hardison Road

Pushups x 25

Sit ups x 30

STOP 2 (Mile 2): Sharon at Colony –

Pushups x 25

Sit Ups x 30

Pushups x 25

 STOP 3 (Mile 3): Colony & Carmel – (audible Q running a bit late due to new coupon)

Return to school, COT


Amazing work this morning. Hoff almost did not escape the Fart Sack, but glad he made it to take a turn on the RR tie! Our ruck came “this close” to a big change when the car delivering newspapers almost got rear ended @ 45 mph. We would have been ready, but thankful it was all avoided. Guess we look distracting when carrying coupons in early gloom…


  • Hoff and Iron Horse are putting together a ruck off for those signed up for the October 19th Challenge. More details to come.
  • PT Reflector belts have arrived! See Culkin with your $12.00 (increase of $0.50) for your awesome new belt. It fits on the ruck perfectly.

Check out www.SPEARHEADF3.com for more information and to join our Google Group mailing list


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10 years ago

Good thing you do this ess in the dark when there’s so little traffic. Strong work, men.

The Hoff
The Hoff
10 years ago

Great Q and strong work all around…however not excited about the 2 new coupons we got this week. The first, a tractor tire and the second and WELL seasoned railroad tire (which is a little weird because Culkin admitted that thing has been sitting in his back yard for 5 years going without notice…anyone else find this a little strange…where do you live outside a train station?…that would explain the rumors. Lol.

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