Licensed to Ill

Licensed to Ill

8 men showed up for SPEARHEAD extra credit with a gigantic boom box and a cassette tape of ‘Licensed to Ill’ and smiles on their faces. We hustled down to the 50-yard line, set the box on the sideline bleacher, turned it to 11, and pressed ‘Play.’

What follows has got to be, hands down, the funnest workout I’ve ever done.


Rhymin & Stealin,4:08,Over/Under
The New Style,4:36,Ruck Squat Press
She’s Crafty,3:35,Partner Wheelbarrows
Posse in Effect,2:27,Selection Burpees
Slow Ride,2:56,Bear Crawl
Girls,2:14,What happens at SPEARHEAD stays at SPEARHEAD.
(Tape Flip),1:00,Hydrate
Fight for Your Right,3:28,Sniper Drills
No Sleep till Brooklyn,4:07,Partner Carry
Paul Revere,3:41,4×100 meter run 20 pushups/20 tuck jumps
Hold It Now Hit It,3:26,4×100 meter run 20 lunges/20 squats
Brass Monkey,2:37,Thrusters/Manmakers
Slow and Low,:38,This is an exercise you haven’t done before.
Time to Get Ill,3:37,100 Mountain Climbers/100 Plank Jacks
(Tape Flip),3:00,400 meter jog
Rhymin & Stealin,4:08,Over/Under
The New Style,4:36,Overhead Squat Press
She’s Crafty,3:35,Bear Crawl Race 5 Burpees for losers
Posse in Effect,2:27,8-count Body Builders
Slow Ride,2:56,Ruck press flutters/Ruck press hello dollys
Girls,2:14,I told you what happens at SPEARHEAD stays at SPEARHEAD.
(Tape Flip),1:00,Hydrate
Fight for Your Right,3:28,Sniper Drills
No Sleep till Brooklyn,4:07,400 meter cooldown jog/Jailbreak

2MOM (in cadence)
– x20 LBCs



The guys had their boom box ‘coupon’ out on their mini-ruck this past Saturday and they asked YHC if I’d allow them to bring it along with their favoritest tape to the extra credit PT session this morning. YHC is certified as the World’s Biggest Beastie Boys Fan(tm)(sm)(r) so I sat down and proceeded to put together a root down smokefest for the boys that would take full advantage of this classic oeuvre complete with trivia, and hopefully get a few smiles along the way. This is supposed to be good livin’ after all.

There were plenty of opportunities to earn credit in the form of extra seconds of rest and less reps awarded to the pax for rapping along with the 3 MCs and knowing the right lyrics as well as answering Licensed to Ill trivia along the way. Sadly they only earned a total of 25 seconds of rest and 10 fewer plank jacks (I gave them 30 off cuz’ 100 plank jacks sucks) for the entire 90 minutes. They can certainly dig that funky groove though.

Checkpoint won the jailbreak and called 20 LBCs in cadence for his winner’s pick for last exercise, and Liquorcycle won the Bear Crawl race (faster than Donkey Kong). #itpaystobeawinner

I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did. #TClaps to all of you for your great attitude about unconventional workouts and your strong work out there. #nocheating #TClaps to our double-War-Daddys Iron Horse and Checkpoint. #TClaps also go to M.Dora, the World’s Second Biggest Beastie Boys Fan(tm)(sm)(r), for putting together the majority of the workout. Yeah, we all just got chicked. #FiAstrong



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The Hoff
10 years ago

Without a doubt, Cadre (and Q Dora) crushed it out there today. He did every exercise in cadence and kept the momentum up all 90 minutes. I’ve never seen anything like it before and wondered if he has a reserve tank that only get’s released with Beastie Boys. #badass!

I have to say, the boom box is going to be a SPEARHEAD staple…just really curious how we are going to follow that lead from Dora today.

Crabcake…those partner carries were brutal. Next time I’ll let BTB pick your giant frame up!

Next week, I’d like to see a race between Liquor Cycle and Kong for sure…keeping in mind that LS had a pack on today as well.

Great work all around team!

Iron Horse
10 years ago

still laughing…..Great Q by Dora – put one out there that cannot be matched. Have started to describe it to a few people but always ended with “…just forget it, you had to be there….”.

BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Great Q by Dora. I don’t think I can adequately follow this, so I quit as SPEARHEAD Tuesday Q. Dora – you’re it indefinitely.

You say #nocheating – but trust me I was not keeping up with all the reps you were doing. That was pretty tough, and I think the Beastie Boys must have given you some sort of extra juice.

I must say, what we were doing during Girls – I don’t think I have ever done some of those movements before. Very interesting change of pace…. That’s all I can say about that haha

Oh – and one more thing – about this SPEARHEAD Challenge Of The Month – “HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSED TO DO SIT UPS? THAT’S LIKE FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE” 😉

Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes
10 years ago

Excellent Q by Dora. Amazing you could get through that workout pushing us the entire time. Well done.

Our L2I knowledge was borderline awful. We probably know less about Paul’s Boutique though so next week is going to suck.

Apologies to The Hoff and anyone else who gets matched up with me on partner carries/bear crawls going forward. My doctor says I have a little “eating problem”.

BTB (Bob The Builder)
Reply to  Crab Cakes
10 years ago

More like a height problem. You’re a giant beast bro!

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