Tour De Covenant Day

Tour De Covenant Day

32 of South Charlotte’s Finest (including 2 FNG’s) escaped the fartsack in search of the end of the week bulletproof workout known as Kevlar. We were greeted by some crisp fall air and perfect conditions for non-stop movement.

The Thang:

Warm Up in COP: all in Cadence

Side Straddle Hop x 20

Wide Arm Merkins x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climber x20

Get into Groups of 4 and receive a course detail to guide you through the 7 Stations along Covenant Day’s Perimeter.

Course was run Clockwise for 30 Minutes

1st Station – ROCKS – (Goblet Squat w/Rock x100 per group)

2nd Station – BUSES (Merkin x100 per group)

3rd Station – BUSHES on right (lunge Walk from End to end)

4th Station – HILL – Bear Crawl Up/BW Bear Crawl Down – LBC x100 – Run Up Stairs

5th Station – TENNIS PAVILION (100 Dips on Benches)

6th Station – SCHOOL WALL – Balls to Wall Walk End to Sidewalk Path (CROWD PLEASER)

7th Station – TRACK – 1 Lap around Track (Carolina Dry Docks x100)


2 Laps were completed in the time allotted.

PLANKARAMA when done with second lap. Looked like we were going to go right into Mary – then the call for 100 Burpees per team was announced. There was a little grumbling when the call was made but as is expected at Kevlar all men pushed through and completed the burpees in short order.

5 Minutes of Mary:

Flutter x 20 Hold it _ spread em – together – spread em – together – spread em – together – Hold it x 60 seconds

Slow Bicycle x 20 (ouch)

That’s a Wrap – Count it off – Namarama

Eloquent send off as always by Busch


YHC wanted to keep it moving the whole time today to build some endurance and cover some ground on the Covenant Day Campus. We made good use of the space and got a full body workout under the stars. The group format brought out some strong 2nd F as well as some form accountability _thanks TR. Saw some guys really pushing themselves today (nice work Highstick, despite your disdain for running – you brought it this morning). We can thank Bulldog for the 100 burpee per group chaser after the second lap. Just like the old milk slogan – Burpees – It does a body good! Extra credit for Radar and Spackler who ran to the workout from the Arboretum – guess I have no excuse not to run in since I live 2 miles away. If this workout makes a comeback we will shoot for completing a 3rd lap in lieu of mary.


Day Zero Challenge tomorrow at McAlpine

Young Life Mud tomorrow at the whitewater center


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Stone Cold
10 years ago

Looked like a good one, Fletch. Even though I do like Convenant Day, if you boys ever want to experience a Mountain rather than a hill just mosey on down to CCS on Fridays where I’ll introduce you to G-Ma Mountain. She’ll make a man out of ya. Aye, Joker?

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