Failure…is a good thing

Failure…is a good thing

15 men (including 1 FNG) brought their “A” game this morning to Hydra.

The Thang:

Warm up: There wasn’t one.  At 0530 sharp YHC explained the workout.  YHC calls out exercise and Pax were to complete as many reps as possible (until failure) of said exercise for the amount of time determined by YHC.


1- burpees (2 minutes)

2- run laps around track progressively faster. (2 minutes)

3- run to field for merkin pyramid (YHC’s favorite). Complete merkin and hold at plank position for 5 seconds.  Up to 10 and back down (total of 100 merkins plus 5 second plank=unsavory)

4- run to playground and complete pull ups or knees to chest; then on backs to complete slow bicycle touching opposite elbow to opposite knee.

5-run to wall at concession stand for decline merkins and dips.

6-run to back field. Line up on goal line and bear crawl accoss field until YHC calls out “sprint” then sprint to opposite end of field.  Rinse and repeat.

7-run through woods to Foxworth Lane for some hill work. Complete 30 slow bicycle elbow to knee touches at bottom of hill then run to top of hill and complete 25 wide arm merkins. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat… and so on and so on.

8-run back to field and repeat exercise #6

9-run to concession stand and repeat exercise #5

10- you get the pattern…

Finish same way we started with 2 minutes of burpees.


-Failure/AMRAP is a great way to really push the Pax.  It’s you against you; so everyone gets a max workout… well if you were honest with yourself.

-Harley is a bear crawling monster.  He looks awkward and funny but he left the pax in the dust, and I believe bear crawled the entire 100 yards on the first trek across the field.  YHC believes the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds he had to take advantage of the sprint.

-Slim Fast is getting faster.  He was tearing up the laps around the track, as well as the hill work on Foxworth.   Definitely Thunder Road ready.

-T-Claps to Greyhound and Philmont.  They defintely pushed themselves and finished strong.  At 73 years old Greyhound is no doubt the biggest stud in F3!

-Thanks Stone Cold for pressuring YHC to join him on the 2.5 mile run in and to The Shore for driving us home after the workout.  SC had planned to run home but changed his mind. Luckily The Shore had a bag of rugby balls for SC to sit on to prevent christening a “sweat seat” in Shore’s car.  YHC knew was was instore and brought a towel for the ride home.

-Great having former Harvard football player Jeff S. nic-named Ivy League join us.  Hope to see you again in the gloom.


-The Shore is Q’ing a 3 to 5 day canoe trip ending at Lake Wylie called F3 Banjo’s in mid November.  Contact him for details

-New workout, Joust, on Friday’s at Charlotte Christian.

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10 years ago

I’ll take akward and funny on the bearcrawl. I still would have been 50 yards behind Donkey Kong and Joker. Nice work this am, I liked that hill work.

Stone Cold
Reply to  Harley
10 years ago

Harley, if you like hill work, come to Joust. I got one I’d like to show ya. G-Ma Mountain we affectionately call her.

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Great Q 49er – that was a robust workout. being able to lift your arms during the day is over-rated. excellent warmup for the Day Zero Challenge Part Deux.

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