Ten seriously insane individuals “logged in” (pun intended) for some extra credit this morning.

The Thang:
0445 Q arrives

Angler is team leader
Take 40lb Sandbag as coupon
Team forms up in one Column
Move to storage to Get logs
Take logs to football field
Drop logs

Form One Rank On Sideline
Team Sprint across and back
Team Sprint across and back again

Forward leaning rest
Push ups x 25
Bear crawl across field

Forward leaning rest
Push ups x 25
Squat x 40
Bear crawl across field

Forward leaning rest
Push ups x 25
Low crawl across field

Forward leaning rest
Push up x 25
Buddy bear crawl across field

Rucks Overhead
Squat x 45
Overhead press x 30
Rucks On Back

Bear crawl across field

Pick up logs/sandbag – Each man had hands on a coupon
Overhead log press x 25
(Log Shoulder Position)
Squats x 40
Overhead log press x 20
(Log chest position)
Squat x 40

Take one lap around track with all coupons (eight people carrying at all times)

Return to starting point. Drop coupons.

{Total number of reps required = 450.
Team calls the exercise.
Max reps of 75 each exercise.}
Squat x 75
Flutter Kick x 75
Ruck Press x 75
Upright rows x 75
Stationary Lunges x 40
Walking lunges x 35
Ruck curls x 40
Military press x 20
Crunch x 15

Tunnel Of Love Across Field
Sniper drills back across
Push up x 25
Bear crawl across field
Sprint back

Pick up coupons
Take logs back to storage

Move out to parking area.

COT 0615


  • Wow, you guys absolutely killed it today.  This workout was seriously hard, and you couldn’t have done a better job getting through it.  I was proud to lead you guys, and I hope you got what you came for this morning.
  • I couldn’t have been prouder than I was when I gave Angler his SPEARHEAD patch today.  That man is a beast, and I hope I can still get out and do this kind of work when I am 70 #doubtful.
  • Iron Horse got his SPEARHEAD patch today as well.  One of the originals to the SPEARHEAD extra credit workouts – his first three posts didn’t count towards his patch (challenge started after one week).  This man is a SPEARHEAD loyalist, and I am proud to see him earn the patch.
  • Big League Chew was getting some evil looks when the PAX found out that “Daisy” the log was his creation.  The front and back anchor pieces are huge, BLC.  That’s a tough carry!   The only person that looked big enough to carry those anchor pieces was Crab Cakes – that man is a giant!
  • Still eligible to complete the patch challenge – Schedule C, Liquor Cycle, Big League Chew, and Sweetness.  Finish strong, men!  I’ll see you on Saturday.


  • SPEARHEAD Mini-Ruck 1st & 2nd F workout this Saturday – 9/28.  Registration deadline is TODAY.  Please register so we can plan coupons.  Register here
  • The SPEARHEAD Patch Challenge continues until 9/27.  Patch Challenge Standings
  • SPEARHEAD T-Shirts are available at the F3 Gear Site
  • PT Reflector belts for those that signed up should be available by the end of this week.  Stay tuned for updates.

Check out for more information and to join our Google Group mailing list

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Iron Horse
10 years ago

Good (great) work BTB – i think you are approaching “Evil Cadre” status. excellent work from the pax – working together. the problem with giving you payback for this horrible beat down is that we will have to be in the pax with you when Culkin brings the pain. very pleased to earn the Spearhead patch. Angler….always awesome (+ the first COT prayer to be good grandparents!). (btw, i can get you something for that gas…its called a sleeping pill!)

10 years ago

BTB + Team – I am grateful to be able to spend quality time with SPEARHEAD, although towards the end this morning I was thinking that BTB should go catch his plane. We still got to see God’s universe through the stars and the moon and our PAX – the sun was a little late for the COT. I hope each of you gets to be a grandfather some day. It’s really cool. I am proud to have earned the SPEARHEAD patch. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Angler

Iron Horse
10 years ago

i think they are afraid………

Big League Chew
10 years ago

BTB don’t put those patches away just yet. I plan to lay claim to one by Sat. at the 2nd f. Crab Cakes is a beast. He needs to team up with The Hoff. Angler just keeps getting stronger. stupid Daisy I knew ine of those big logs would come back to haunt me. BTB that was a Welcome Party worthy beatdown.

10 years ago

BLC: Go for it, brother! Maybe we could swap out some smaller logs for the humongous ones? The Spearhead patch is cool. Hard to get. See you Thursday. Angler

Schedule C
Schedule C
10 years ago

That welcome party Tuesday was the real deal. Great work with that.

This SPEARHEAD patch is tougher to get than a GRL and maybe a full-on challenge. At the end of every week I am worn the F down from the beatdowns. It’s not as bad now as when I started but it’s still bad.

I thought I was getting stronger from doing my regular workouts, but wow, I wasn’t THAT strong.

This really makes you stronger and helps reinforce teamwork.

By my count, if I post Friday, do the mini-ruck and finish my pushups, I am good to go.

Gotta go do more pushups.

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