1/2 Reverse Devil’s Turn with a Merkin Twist

1/2 Reverse Devil’s Turn with a Merkin Twist

12 men, including 1 defector from #F3Bagpipe, showed up at #F3FastTwitch on a nice morning for running.  At 0515, we set off into the gloom.  Here’s what we did.

The Thang

Ran from the parking lot to the front of the school for COP…

  • SSHs – 30 cadence
  • Buttkicks – 15 cadence
  • High Knees – 15 cadence
  • Merkins – 15 cadence

After COP, we took it to the road…

  • R on Strawberry. Stop at Rosecliff. Plank it up. 15 cadence merkins.
  • R on Rosecliff. Stop at Coburn Ct. Plank it up. 15 cadence merkins.
  • R on Coburn Ct. Up the hill and stop at Bevington. Plank it up. 15 cadence merkins
  • Give it all you got for the 3/4 mile run down Bevington to Rea. Stop. On your six. 30 cadence flutter kicks.
  • Up the hill on Rea from Bevington to 51. Stop every 30 seconds or so for 10 merkins on your own. 4 stops…40 merkins total.
  • Plank it up at the corner of Rea and 51. 20 cadence merkins.
  • Run the final 1.25 miles from Rea back to South CLT Middle at your own pace.
  • Circle up for some Mary…led by Turkey Leg (because he beat YHC back to the school):  30 cadence dollies, hold it. 30 cadence LBCs

COT – great send off by Chelms a/k/a Tatertot


  • We covered 4 miles in 45 minutes with several stops along the way.  That means all the Pax pushed it hard on the runs which enabled us to enjoy some 2ndF along with our 1stF.
  • By YHC’s count, we knocked out 200 merkins this morning.  Does stopping and doing merkins while running decrease or increase the chances of nipple chafing?  But trust that YHC will not be gathering any data from this morning’s field study…thus, we may never know.
  • In either an undercover mission to discover what makes #F3FastTwitch so good or a complete defection from the dark side that is #F3Bagpipe, Mighty Mite joined us this morning.  He got out of car explaining that he had to train for ThunderRoad and thus wanted to join an elite running workout.  So wise for such as young man.
  • All in all, a solid effort by all the Pax.


  • Sign up for ThunderRoad full or half under the Area51 team.  Let 49er know.
  • Please pray for M. Passport.
  • Several 3rdF meetings going on…check one of them out.
  • DayZero Challenge this Saturday…come get some.



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10 years ago

Elite, special, Premier, it’s all relative, right?

10 years ago

We sent the mighty man there on a scouting mission, figuring that he was tough enough for the job. Interestingly, it seems that no Twitchers have been brave enough to try the Bagpipe workout…

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