Flashback to BRR

Flashback to BRR

8 dedicated pax set out in the crisp gloom this morning to get a taste (or flashback) of some BRR legs.   Unfortunately, we didn’t have the long steady 3-mile grinder hills like the ones from the Blue Ridge.  However, we made it up for those with… you guessed it, steep hill repeats.

The Thang:

Warm-up with a couple laps around the parking lot with karaoke, high-knees, etc.

Indian run out to our favorite hill on Windbluff

Partner up for hill repeats:  partner 1 runs down to bottom of hill for burpees and sprints back while partner 2 does a different exercise at top.  Flapjack.

  • 10 burpees; man-maker merkins at top
  • 8 burpees; squats at top
  • 6 burpees; LBCs at top
  • 4 burpees; CDDs at top
  • 2 burpees; dollies at top
  • Sprint down/up, no burpees; MCs at top
  • Planks

Hill suicide: sprint down to the large trash pile, sprint back to start, sprint to bottom, back to top

Indian run back to school; circle up for Mary

  • Flutters x 30
  • Dollies x 25
  • Protractor

Total mileage: 3.25



  • Pax seemed thankful for the Indian Run this morning in lieu of the nightmare “Cowboy Run” from a couple months ago.  The cowboy will return soon.
  • Good to see Radar (FT-FNG) making it out – hope to see you again
  • The most 2nd-F we’ve seen out at FT in a while with the partner groups at the top having a chance to catch-up in between the hill sprints
  • Pax didn’t see the humor the last call to repeat the hill suicide… though YHC could sense mutiny building and made the decision to pack it out
  • Nice work Brew, “leaving it all on the hill”
  • For those in the Area51 who are training for ThunderRoad, be sure to check out the “Wagon Wheel” Training program posted by Pesci (and Area51 options noted below): http://f3nation.com/2013/09/13/new-thunder-road-lsd-training-run-announcing-f3wagonwheel/

In most training programs, there are three types of runs:

  1. Intervals or other speed work at 5k pace or faster.  SIB is perfect for this.  Bratwurst is a scientist.   —> Area 51 Options:  Fast Twitch (or Bagpipe) (Tuesday)
  2. Tempo Run at ~10k pace – Sweet 6 is perfect. Subway is already adding some warm up and/or cool down miles to this.  (Hint – do not attempt to run the extra miles at tempo pace, especially at first).  —> Area 51 Option:  Devil’s Turn  (Thursday)
  3. Long SLOW Distance (LSD) Run.  This is the role Ritchie was originally designed to fill.  Unfortunately, most of the burners running Ritchie have an LSD pace that is waaayyy too fast for us mere mortals. The purpose of the LSD run is not to race or run fast.  Rather, it’s to get your body and brain used to logging miles (and time) on your feet.  Going too fast or too long on your LSD run is a recipe for overtraining injuries and missing future key workouts or, even worse, your race.  —> Area 51 Option:  F3/Nomad  (Sunday am)


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10 years ago

Great Q today TL – my legs are smoked. And if the Cowboy run is worst than the Indian run back today (which felt like we sprinted most of it uphill) I may be fartsacking that workout…

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