SPEARHEAD Preblast – Friday the 13th

SPEARHEAD Preblast – Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and SPEARHEAD is gonna get scary. We launch at 0530 from Carmel Middle School.

Important to note:
– SPEARHEAD is a regular, typical F3 workout, only ruck-oriented, like a Gear workout.
– DO Arrive early and warm up on your own in the parking lot before 0530.
– DO pack your full Challenge weight (6 bricks or sandbag/weightvest equivalent)
– DO NOT pack more than your full Challenge weight or you’ll be sorry.
– DO NOT pack less than your full Challenge weight or you’ll be really sorry.
– Bring an actual hockey mask and earn an extra patch credit.*


*Bringing an actual hockey mask will not actually earn you an extra patch credit, but you can wear it during the workout…which would be cool.

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The Hoff
10 years ago

I’ve been resting most of the day and if feeling better, I’ll be there. Killed me to miss today and I need that patch tomorrow! Want to represent Spearhead at the GRL on Sat.

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