Cane is Able

Cane is Able

The VSF was planted & 22 pax hit the Charlotte Catholic campus on a gameday Friday.  Cane wasted know time in punishing the early-rising warriors.
Cane’s Q:
Run to cul de sac
10 burpees on your own
Run to the bottom of the hill and plank up
Bear crawl up the hill and run to parking lot for COP
30 SSH
20 Merkins
30 LBCs
20 Squats
10 burpees on your own
Run to picnic tables
3 rounds of:
10 step-ups (each leg)
15 decline merkins
15 dips
Plank up
Run to school entrance
People’s Chair
regular – 30 secs
right leg high – 20 secs
regular – 20 secs
left leg high – 20 secs
Hops’ Q:
Run off campus to Aquatic Center
11’s on sloped lot
Lunge walk to bottom – 10 Merkins
Run to top – 1 IW (terrible call by Chelms, YHC never should have asked for input!)
Run to bottom – 9 merkins
Run to top – 2 Russian Twists — and so on until fully inverted to 1 merkin at bottom and 10 RT’s at top
Plankorama led by Runstopper when finished
Jog, High Knees, Buttkickers back to CCHS lot — avoiding being run over by school bus on the way
2 lines of Indian Run to main entrance of high school
Line up abreast – for AYG sprint back to other end of lot (125 yards)
Circle up for Mary’s visit
CCVs x 13 L & R
Flutters x 13 (with seemingly endless 10 count by Jamboree – much mumblechatter)
Dolly x 13
Mosey to parking lot for COT
Strong work by the pax at another successful edition of Centurion.  T-claps to Cane on his first Q.  Was an honor to share the duties with you as a last-minute sub for Escargot who is 6 days into fatherhood.  #blessed  #sleep-deprived
Kotters to Cheese Curd – glad to have him back off IR – T-claps brother.
This backblast would be incomplete if YHC did not mention Wingman and Runstopper.  Those beasts can not possibly have any rubber left on the bottom of their shoes.  Those 2 were absolutely flying on the 125-yd AYG sprint.
YHC would also be remiss if I did not mention Philmont’s increasing strength and stamina.  Was right next to him during the picnic table work of step ups, derkins and dips — and the man is getting strong.  T-claps brother.
Pulling and praying for our BRR brethren – Purple Haze, Mall Cop and others.
The Rock turns 1 tomorrow gents.  Thanks to Radar & Purple Haze for bringing the Day Zero pax to the birthday party.
The Stand starts next Friday 9/13 at 0630 at Carmel Village Panera.  “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymbala with Purple Haze and Champagne on Q.
Rumor has it Philmont & Jamboree will be leading a Scout-themed beatdown at Centurion in the not-too-distant future.
CPR training on Sat., Sept. 14th at Covenant Day – 0900-1230.  $10 – well worth it; and especially for site Q’s — this is a good way to be sure you can literally come alongside a brother in need – Aye!
Probably forgetting some stuff, so check the website.

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10 years ago

Thanks Hops. Today was post #57 for me (14 at Centurion) since I started 16 weeks ago.

BTW, Ace found a pair of black/red gloves in the middle of the street on the way out. They had quite the stank on. Please claim before I suffocate.

Reply to  Philmont
10 years ago

Philmont, those would be my fine slightly used gloves you have. Forgot to grab them off the back of my car after COT on Friday. Feel free to borrow if you need them.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

It’s the Q’s job to bring the pain. If he doesn’t come prepared and asks for input than it’s not the PAX’s fault. And since you only had half I’d say you deserve zero slack.

Great job Cain – it gets easier the more you do it.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

I have the same problem brother. That’s why I try to dish it out. I know it is coming back later.

10 years ago

Thanks for the props on the sprint. I think I thought it was going to be over after the sprint.

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