Speed bump!

Speed bump!

11 men gathered around the VSF this morning to together take in their daily dose of downpainment on the day.  After a brief moment of light stretches and friendly greetings, we got down to business.

THE Thang

First, 10 burpees on your own.  Done, good.  Let’s mosey over here, no over there, hey look, there’s a circle on the pavement.  Bright idea – lets COP here.


SSH x25

Wide-arm Merkins x10

Imperial Walkers x20

Regular Merkins x10

Slow Squats x20

Diamond Merkins x10

Regular/Fast Squats x20

20 Man-Maker Merkins

99 Calf Raises

Mosey a bit, find a hill (oh, crap – hill happens to be entrance #4) and bear crawl down said hill.

Line it up for some Jacob’s Ladder 1-7 burpees on top with matching burpees on bottom.

LBC until all are done then do x20 more for good measure.

Bear crawl back up said hill.

Mosey to sweat box pavilion.  Watch out for speed bumps along the way.  Seriously.  Watch out for the speed bumps.

In the pavilion, find a bench and make it your friend with a set of 11s dips/derkins.

Plank until all are done.  Move planking out of pavilion so we can breathe.  Plankorama.

Mosey to other side of pavilion for People’s Chair-o-Rama, mixing in some BTW for good measure.

Jog, run, sprint, backpedal, etc. around parking lot and form up for a quick speed session of Mary.

LBC x20

Flutter x20

Dolly x20

We’re done and that’s good cause we’re out of time…


– I got the call yesterday from Baracus requesting I man up and Q so he can rest (sleep) his weary legs in preparation for some little race he’s running on Saturday.  Might be some hills, he said, so he’d like to taper a little.  No problem, BA.  Glad to be of service.  Don’t get lost- I’ve heard that can happen when you run like a mountain goat on unmarked roads between bears in the dark.  Speaking of bears, remember, if a bear starts chasing you, you don’t have to be the fastest guy, just don’t be the slowest guy either…

– Larry Birds.  3 of them on the Jacob’s ladder today.  Way to push us Lobster Roll, Hops and PBQ (Mr. “I’m feeling kind of gassed today.”  Could’ve fooled us.)

– Speed bumps.  Anvil has speed bumps and it is dark when we run around the site.  Glad no one was hurt, but that being said, it is pretty funny when someone who will go unnamed (although, word is, he likes to count) calls out the speed bump warning and then proceeds to demonstrate what happens when said warning goes unheeded.

– Preamble.  While trying to figure out whether the People’s Chair was “By the people” or “For the People,” your O2-deprived Q, who also happens to be a lawyer when I’m not running around in black exercise clothes made it abundantly clear that I am no constitutional scholar.  I do corporate finance work – no Constitutions around here.  (And it is “We the People,” for the record.  Mr. Lincoln introduced all that “of the people, by the people, for the people” language.)

– Good working out with you fellas.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege of leading.  Remember, reach out to those of us you haven’t seen in a while.


– Check the website for new 3rd F opportunities.  Go to them.

– See weekly email and/or Stone Cold if interested in learning/refreshing yourself on proper CPR technique.  There will be a training Saturday, Sept. 14th from 9am-12:30pm at Covenant Day School.   This is especially good if you tend to Q a lot.  Might be vital if you think you are a hard a$$ Q.



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10 years ago

Yeah, that was yours truly hitting the deck. Was having a little trouble getting the feet off the ground after the Burpee Jacobs Ladder at Entrance 4. Fortunately only my pride took a hit. Nice lead this morning YL.

10 years ago

Don’t worry Abacus… You aren’t the first to experience the dangerous hazards of Anvil (eg speed bumps). Thought YL was having fun at my expense until you spoke up! At least you weren’t on Q when it happened.

10 years ago

Thanks YL for stepping in this morning!

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