Exactly 45 Minutes at The Maul

Exactly 45 Minutes at The Maul

23 F3 warriors took another Maul beating by yet another more than capable first time Q.  Soft Pretzel, with his M’s watch on his arm, moved us quickly through the gloom.

Warm-up in movie theater lot SSH x25 in cadence IW x20 in cadence 20 Merkins

15 backward lunges

“Ladders and Chutes” at the Fountains

10 to 1 Jump Ups/Decline Merkins

~¼ mile run to Chicos and back

10 to 1 Squats/Dips

~¼ mile run to Chicos and back

Various planks until all are done.

Mosey to parking lot for:

Alternating lunge walks with Carolina Drydocks and Merkin Jacks – Started at a parked taxi cab where I made a very poor joke about pushing the cab around the lot, not seeing that the driver was still sitting inside!  Sorry buddy.


Dolly X20 in Cadence

LBC X20 in Cadnece

Flutter X20 in Cadence

Hill Work

P1 run to top for 5 burpees, P2 = Peter Parker Merkins until P1 returns, flapjack and repeat

P1 run to top for 5 squats, P2 = Rosalita until P1 returns

Alternating People’s Chair (w/ shoulder presses) and uphill Bear Crawls

Long mosey back to base for:

Planks + 10 merkins

Mary: 20 Heels to Heaven, 20 LBCs, 20 Parker Peters, 20 side LBCs

20 mountain climbers + 10 merkins  (Q was a little lost on time at the end so may have added a few more exercises I’m forgetting!)

Really enjoyed my first Q!  Promise to invest in a watch.  Thanks to all for the great effort.

– Soft Pretzel

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10 years ago

The 2 quarter-mile runs to Chicos sounds like we had tacos and quesadillas in the middle of the work out….twice. Great Q by Soft Pretzel..
With the yellow cab and Catholic priest (random) in the Target lot — NYC comes to the Maul! Good audible on planking up for Frack and The Worm to finish their confessionals.

Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

If I’m not mistaken, this is that Priest’s third appearance at The Maul. He’s always walking back from the grocery store right before 6. We should give him an honorary F3 nickname.

Uncle Leo
Reply to  Mighty Mite
10 years ago

We’ve definitely seen him a few times. I’d offer up Mulcahy as his F3name

Reply to  Uncle Leo
10 years ago

That is pure gold Uncle Leo. That name would make the F3 nickname Hall of Fame… But first somebody has to EH Monseigneur

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